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Feliz Navidad and Boca Beth

As I have mentioned in several prior posts,  my kids just love Boca Beth.  Both kids know several of the Boca Beth songs now, and enjoy singing them with me.

(courtesy of Beth

  • The Boca Beth products showcase a true bilingual presentation – meaning English is placed right alongside Spanish for an easy point of reference for both child and adult. Many experts agree that this bilingual methodology (often referred to as the parallel method or addition method) is best for young children still acquiring skills in their native language.
  • At Boca Beth teaches to the whole child using the TPR method (Total Physical Response) by incorporating music for the auditory learner, DVDs for the visual learner, musical shakers and puppets for the kinesthetic / tactile learning and coloring/activity books for the beginning reader.
  • The Boca Beth Program and products have been created by a teacher and translated by native Spanish-speaking early childhood experts. The Boca Beth Program and products are successfully teaching children in all 50 States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and 15 countries around the world.
  • As a leader in the children’s edutainment industry Boca Beth has gone green in the packaging of our music CDs and DVDs. The eco-friendly packaging used features 100% recycled paperand 100% vegetable based inks so that all of it decomposes in our landfills.
  • No second language experience is required to use our fun Boca Beth products and techniques. In fact, the latest research says you do not need to be a native speaker in order to introduce a second language to little children.
  • The Boca Beth Program has won multiple awards!

A few nights ago, my in-laws were in town and Mister grabbed his six string guitar and handed his Elmo guitar to my father-in-law and asked, “You want to sing with me?”  Of course, he said yes and asked Mister what he wanted to sing.  To which Mister replied, “How about Mingo Mingo, Sunday Sunday?”

I have to confess, my heart swelled just a little bit with pride.

PawPaw doesn’t know the “Mingo” song, so he and Mister sang a rousing chorus of the ABC’s.  Then Mister proceeded to sing “Mingo” anyway.  It was really cute.

Since the kids are really keen on Boca, we also got the puppet.  Sister puts it on her hand and goes around saying “Boca.”  It is really quite comical coming from her.

Boca Beth

Boca Puppet

We also now have the I Like Animals/Me gustan los animales DVD in our collection. A couple of the songs on this DVD are the same as the ones on the Mi Casa DVD, which I think is great, because it promotes consistency with the material.  The kids enjoy watching this one, and trying to repeat the Spanish words.

I have added I Like Animals DVD to my OpenSky store, where you can also purchase other Boca Beth products.

Boca Beth I Like Animals DVD

  • – Kids Learn Spanish and English with SMILES!
  • -Give your child more than 125 vocabulary words and 75 phrases in both languages.
  • -Includes 8 music videos with children singing & dancing!
  • – Age-appropriate for two – ten!
  • $17

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Boca Beth Beginner Backpack


  • – Set to learn Spanish and English.
  • – Contains two bilingual DVDs, a BOCA puppet and three upbeat music CDs.
  • – Also includes a 44 page coloring book and two bright colored music shakers.
  • – Provides an introduction to more than 700 words and 200 phrases.
  • – Great for ages 0-10.
  • $90

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Boca Beth Beginner Set


  • – Beginner set for learning Spanish.
  • – Contains a DVD, CD, BOCA puppet, 40 page coloring book and an instruction guide.
  • – Perfect kit for learning Spanish.
  • – Adds fun to language learning.


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imageBoca Beth- More Boca Beth/Ms Boca Beth CD

  • – Bilingual songs CD.
  • – Contains more than 150 words and 30 phrases.
  • – Good for children to learn Spanish and English.
  • – Comprised of bilingual songs.
  • – A Fun and easy way to learn languages.
  • – Includes songs about opposites, shapes, telling time and family members.


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  • Boca Beth- Mi casa/My House DVD with Coloring activity book
  • – Educative DVD for learning languages.
  • – Contains 140 words and 40 phrases.
  • – Created to teach Spanish and English language.
  • – Teaches languages in a funny and creative way.
  • -Also includes a coloring and activity book.
  • – For ages :3+.


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Why not give your child the gift of a second language this Christmas?

Disclosure- I received a Boca Beth DVD and puppet to facilitate this post.  No other compensation was received.  Opinions expressed are 100% my own and are based on my own experience.  Your experience may differ.

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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