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Family Movie Night with Arc Entertainment

I love spending time with Mister and Sister, whether we are playing games, running in circles out back, or snuggled up together on the couch watching a movie together.  I realize that once the new baby comes, there are going to be days that I am stupid tired and unable to entertain my kidlets.  2 a.m. feedings and two preschoolers may not mix well, shaken OR stirred!  With that in mind, I thought it might be a good idea to stock up on some fun movies that we can all snuggle up and enjoy together, you know on those days when I don’t have the energy to think, let alone play.Arc Entertainment

Arc Entertainment was kind enough to send me a selection of family friendly movie titles to enjoy with Mister and Sister. Here’s a quick look at what they sent…

Jock – The Hero Dog: 3-D animated-family adventure that tells the heart-warming, coming-of-age story of a man and his best-friend, a lovable and fearless dog named, Jock.
Starring: Bryan Adams, William Baldwin, Ten Danson, Donald Sutherland.





My Lucky Elephant: In a far away land of jungles and wild animals, there lived a little orphan boy who was all alone in the world. But he knew that no matter how hard life can be, it’s always better if you can share it with a friend. This is the story of how he found one, an elephant named Lucky. Together they face a changing world, but always manage to triumph. After a series of humorous challenges, they discover the Academy of Art, where elephants learn to paint. And Lucky becomes the star painter, a famous artist and celebrity. Finally, life is good for them, with money and food aplenty. But when Lucky falls in love with another elephant, Candy, and starts his own family, what will the boy do? My Lucky Elephant is an exotic adventure in a magical and beautiful place, and yet it’s about what everyone is looking for in life – a true friend, a home, family
Starring: First Khunchan, Somboon (the elephant)

The Reef 2: High Tide: Trained in the skills of sea power, Pi the fish can fight a shark, sink a squid or batter any random predator that ever threatens his friends and neighbors on the reef. Unfortunately, being the only hero in town can take its toll, especially when a group of sharks declares that the end of the reef is soon at hand.
Starring: Busy Philipps, Rob Schneider and Drake Bell



Abominable Christmas: After two Abominable Snowkids are chased from their mountain hideaway, they are forced to spend Christmas with the most feared animal of them all: humans. (Television hour)
Starring: Jane Lynch ,Ray Liotta, Emilio Estevez, Ariel Winter, Nolan Gould





Thor: Legend of the Magical Hammer: Thor, the son of the mighty god Odin, battles the evil Ice Queen and her army of vicious giants in this exciting animated adventure! Thor is the village blacksmith who dreams of being a mighty warrior, practicing with a broomstick as his mother laughs at him. When a talking hammer falls from the sky, he realizes he may truly have a way to fulfill his dreams. Soon after, the Ice Queen kidnaps his mother and the rest of the villagers,and he must reach deep inside himself to unleash his full powers to fight the queen and her army. Will Thor and his magical hammer be enough to save the world from destruction?

What we thought:

We have enjoyed watching the movies together.  So far, our favorite is a tie between Jock – The Hero Dog and The Reef 2: High Tide.  We’ve watched them many times already.  LOL.  Mister loves Jock and Sister loves all the fish in The Reef 2.

Jock the Hero Dog is just awesome if you love films with talking dogs, which my preschoolers do.  There are humans (and monkeys) in the movie, but Jock is the main character.  I love that the movie emphasizes that even the runt can become great.  Jock is based off the true life story of Jock the Bushveld, a runt that was nearly drowned and saved by Sir James Percy Fitzpatrick. In real life, Jock later lost his hearing when an antelope kicked him.    While the cartoon doesn’t compare to the story first published in 1907, it is an endearing film and is South Africa’s first 3D film.  The film uses God’s name inappropriately once.

The Reef 2: High Tide is an ocean of fun.  It has been watched over and over and OVER around here.  It is vibrantly colored and shows that everyone has value and that anyone can change.  It does use idiot, dumb dumb, dummy, and sucker (one time each), which we don’t allow.  Even still, this one is a family favorite.

Thor: Legend of the Magical Hammer is fantastically illustrated.   That being said, we didn’t finish watching it.   It doesn’t line up with what we believe or teach.  We haven’t really covered any mythology in homeschool yet.  I had to laugh at the beginning, though, when the film said that “Odin was King of the Gods.”  Mister said, “Mom, the movie is wrong, Jesus is God.”  Mister didn’t like that the movie said that God ignores prayers, either,  and said, “Mom, God doesn’t really ignore prayers.”  After about twenty minutes, Mister asked to watch a different movie.  It will go in the donation box.  I think Thor: Legend of the Magical Hammer would be best suited for older children who understand that it is mythological.

Mister wasn’t that into My Lucky Elephant, but I am not sure if it was the story line, or if he was just trying to dislike it since Sister was in love with the elephant.  Yes, they are in THAT stage.  Anyway, Sister loved when they discovered the Academy of Art where elephants learn to paint.  She thought it was amazing that elephants can paint.  The film uses “OMG” and God inappropriately (we don’t allow that here) several times, as well as “Bloody He–” once.  Sister got really mad at one point, when a boy is put in a cage, but otherwise she really enjoyed the movie.

We all enjoyed the Abominable Christmas. It is cutely illustrated. Even the villain, a scientist named Margaret Knowhow, isn’t that scary although she does want to catch the Abominables to prove they exist and dissect them.  We thought it was funny when a wall of cans fell over on her.  Ultimately, it is a cute Christmas story that illustrates friendship and a father’s love.

These titles, as well as many other from Arc Entertainment, are available on Amazon, at Walmart,  or wherever family friendly films are sold.

Many thanks to Arc Entertainment for providing these for inclusion in the Baby Shower Gift Guide and for supplying copies for giveaway (US Only) in the upcoming Baby Shower Bonanza Giveaway!

Baby Shower Bonanza

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