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Estetica Designs from Favorite Wigs Review plus Giveaway

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If you have read my blog at all, you know that I am a lifelong baldie, and proud of it.

Over the years, I have occasionally worn a wig, though not often.  My parents always left it up to me whether or not I would wear a wig, when I was growing up.  If I wanted to wear one, Mom would fluff it and comb it, etc.  And when I didn’t want to wear one, Mom would graciously remind me that beauty is a thing of the heart.

Once in a while, when I was in grade school, I would lament my bald pate.  When I did, Mom would smile and get the wig.   I would leave the house in the morning with the wig perfectly combed and in place.  Typically, by the time the bell rang for the first recess, the wig was stuffed in my backpack, where it stayed until I returned home from school.  While I was frequently made fun of in school, I was determined to be myself.  After all, God only made a few perfect heads…to the rest he gave hair.  Plus, wigs were hot and scratchy.

The last one I owned spent the majority of it’s life in my trunk, and I haven’t even owned a wig in nearly five years.

I recently received an opportunity to review an Estetica Designs Wig from, through Tomoson.  The idea intrigued me, because it came with the opportunity to give a wig away. My parents lived on a tight budget when I was growing up.  Wigs were not cheap.  I know that my Dad worked overtime to pay for my wigs more than once.  The opportunity to give a wig away to someone who could really use it is awesome.

After browsing the Estetic wigs, I narrowed it down to the Rosa or the Pasha, which I thought would look great with my facial shape.  Then I let Hubs decide which he thought would look best.


He chose the Pasha.

I’ve always tended toward reddish or darker auburn colored wigs because of my complexion.  They seem to look best on me (IMHO).  So after looking at the color options, I submitted my 1st and 2nd choice of colors.  My first choice was R12/26H, a primarily reddish color.  My second choice was R6LF29.

Estetica Wigs colors

I received my first choice, the R12/26H

Estetica Wigs Card

The cap of the wig is nicely made.  It is an “all open-stretch cap,” which means that it stretches throughout the entire perimeter of the cap.  Conventional caps only stretch on the side tabs.

Estetica Wigs Cap

The first time I tried the Estetica Designs Wig on, my kids were napping.  Of course, as fate would have it, they both got up and came in my bathroom while I was trying to style it.  Mister just looked at me, then looked at Sister, and said, “Mommy’s got someone’s hair.  I don’t know whose, but she does.”  I laughed so hard I cried.  Sister, was NOT amused.  She just stood there looking at me with her lower lip trembling.  She was not happy until I took the wig off, which of course, I did quickly.  She wanted to know who that stranger was in Mommy’s clothes.

Since it has been a LONG time since I even owned a wig, I did have to drop by the local beauty supply store to pick up some synthetic hair spray.

So, here is my before and after shots…

Picture 034Picture 030

I like the shape and style of this wig. While I couldn’t get the styling to look like the Pasha advertisement photo, I was able to style it to look great on me.  I’m sure with a little more time, and a little more spray, I could get it teased perfectly.

Estetica Wigsynthetic hair wigpure stretch cap wigEstetica Wignatural looking wig

I like the fact that this wig does not scream “wig” in appearance.  I can normally spot a wig from twenty feet away.  Whether because I am a lifelong baldie, or because I worked with a number of cancer patients in my nursing career, I am not sure.  But, let’s face it, a lot of wigs just SCREAM wig. And I hate that.  This one doesn’t.

I wore it to a friends Halloween party (it was my costume), and someone asked if I was there as Kate Gosselin.  I about died laughing.  Nope, and don’t bother piling all the kiddos around me, either.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that a few people at the party didn’t know I was wearing a wig, and they got quite a shock when I removed it near the end of the evening.  Oops.

The cap is actually comfortable, unlike MANY of the wigs I have tried on in the past.  I actually managed to wear it for nearly six hours straight, which is probably a record for me.  And while Hubs does prefer my bald pate, I am sure I will find occasion to wear this one again. Of course, I will have to put it on with the kids watching, lest I frighten Sister out of her wits again.

The only thing I would have changed about the experience, is I would have chosen the color shown on the Amber wig here:


I like the cut of the Pasha, but love the RH31 color.  The R12/26H is a little more brown that red, and I think the Pasha would look FANTABULOUS in the RH31, with more red than brown.

What color hair do you think would look good on me?  Which Estetica Design do you think would have looked best?

Win it… Favorite Wigs would like to offer one lucky Lady V dZine readers a free wig (up to $150 value).

Mandatory entry… Simply tell me who the wig would be for.

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  1. Wow, the wig makes such a difference in your appearance. When my children were little, I got my hair cut–I went from waist length to very short. When I came home, my daughter cried when I picked her up. She did not know who I was!

    I would love to have a wig for myself–I wear my hair long, but would like to have a short style every now and then.

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  3. You look beautiful 🙂 Without or without the wig. This wig would be for my great-aunt if I won

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  10. Carrieann Heath says:

    The wig would be for my 3 year old daughter, Aurora, who has Hay-Wells! Perfect timing! She has been asking me for the last two months if she can have hair like Mommy!

    • Carrieann- how I remember those days! I used to tell my Mom that I was going to grow up and have long coal black curly hair. She would just smile and say, “Okay.” It is so sweet that Aurora wants to look like Mommy. My nephew used to want to shave his head to look like me. LOL.

  11. Patsy Hagen says:

    I would love to win a wig! The thought of my rapidly thinning hair never having that bed-head look is what makes me want a wig.

  12. This wig would be for myself! I’m 20 years old and had a traumatic hair salon experience leaving me walking out the doors with 1 inch of hair and a bloody scalp.
    It’s an embarrassing secret but all my hair is fake!

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    Me Me Me. The wig will be all about ME.

  25. I like the cut of the one you chose but must admit that I agree that the more red color would look a bit better with your coloring.

    If I win, the wig would be for me.

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    Thanks for the chance.

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  52. This wig would be for me. I have really fine, thin hair.

  53. Your story about your daughter saying you had someone else’s hair reminded me of when my husband shaved his beard and mustache after having it for months. My four year old son saw him drive off and started screaming that somebody was stealing daddy’s car. This wig would be for me.
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