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Elf Man Review

The movie, Elf Man, is a comedic movie that chronicles what happens when Ryan and Kasey Harper’s dad, Eric, is kidnapped by a bunch of thieves right before Christmas.  Eric is an inventor and the thieves are intent on stealing Eric’s latest cElf Manreation.  Santa comes to the rescue when he arrives to find the Harpers in trouble and sees that Kasey’s wish is for an elf to help save her dad.  Enter Elf Man (played by Wee Man).  Robbers scheming is no comparison to the true superhero powers of the Elf Man.

Elf Man takes on the kidnappers in attempts to save the family’s Christmas, and becomes the Christmas hero.

Well played, Elf Man, well played.

While Elf Man is not a movie I would want to watch over and over, the kids and I did enjoy it as a seasonal flick.  It is a bit slow at points, but if you stick with it, you may find you enjoy the movie.

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