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ElectroSilk Silicone Broom

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When we installed hardwood floors throughout our house, in 2012, I never dreamed how much I would learn to despise my old fashioned straw broom.  It was great for the basement, where we have foam flooring, but the straw bristles kept getting caught between the cracks in our hardwood upstairs, sometimes even falling in.   When I received the opportunity to review the ElectroSilk Silicone Broom, I thought it might be a nice alternative to trying pick straw out of the floor boards.

ElectroSilk broom

About the ElectroSilk Silicone Broom

  • The electro-static charge creates a magnetic effect that collects loose hair and small particles such as lint, Dust Mites and hair, from furniture and cloths.
  • Alleviates breathing allergies such as Dust Mites, as it does not raise dust clouds but catch dirt particles and microorganisms like “mini magnets
  • Efficient for home cleaning and the brush is great for cloths brushing
  • The bristles are elastic and do not deform, wear out or collaps
  • Easy to clean in tap water, dish washer or even washing machine.

The broom works well on the hardwood floors, and does attract the little dust bunnies that seem to sprout up over night.  My kids enjoy using it.  My husband doesn’t like it because he says it “drags” when pushed.  I tend to pull when I sweep, so I don’t have that problem.   We don’t have pets, so pet hair isn’t an issue with us, but with two girls with hair, I love that it will collect what they shed.

I’ve only ever had to shake it out to clean it, so I can’t attest to how well it holds up in the dishwasher or washing machine, but it is rated to go through either.


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