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Eddie Bauer Trail Hiker Travel System

When we first made the decision to adopt again, I immediately started thinking about strollers.  When Mister and Sister were younger, we used a double stroller.  They have long outgrown the stroller phase, and it has long been gone.

We love going for walks with the kids, so I wanted a  stroller that would be easy to steer if I were having to grab at a run away preschooler and something that featured one handed folding.  I know, as a Mom of three, I am going to need 439 hands, but I only want to use one Eddie Bauer Trail Hiker Travel Systemof them to fold a stroller to put it in the van.  I also wanted something that either had a carseat with it (yah, we’ve gotten rid of our itty bitty carseats, too) or that worked with a carseat.  I was excited, then, when we received the Eddie Bauer Trail Hiker Travel System for review.

The Eddie Bauer Trail Hiker Travel System features both an infant carseat and a three wheeled stroller.

The rear facing infant carseat has a five-point harness and is recommended for infants from 4-35lbs.  Even the wittle bity babies can ride in this one.  The carseat meets ASTM Standards.  The carseat attaches to the stroller in a rear facing position, as well.

The stroller has an adjustable handle height, a single front swivel wheel, a padded comfort grip handle, a reclining seat, and one hand folding!  It also features dual-rear parking brake (foot activated) and locking wheels.  The stroller has an child snack tray as well as a parent cup holder.

The stroller does has to be assembled.

Eddie Bauer Stroller and Carseat

The assembly instructions are incredibly easy, and I was able to assemble the stroller without help from Hubs.  Sister insisted on “helping,” though!

Eddie Bauer Trail Hiker Assembly

The carseat and stroller are an attractive set, and the stroller is easy to push.  Since the our Little Miss hasn’t arrived yet, I used one of Sister’s dolls to test out the five point harness.

Eddie Bauer Trail Hiker Carseat and Stroller

I love that with the canopies in place, you can completely cover baby and hide her from the elements (or germy hands).

Trail Hiker Travel System

If I want the kidlets to be able to push her around, I will need to adjust the handle height.  On second thought, I may leave it in the high position, so they can’t.  LOL.

The Eddie Bauer Trail Hiker Travel System is available at Target.

I can’t wait to install the carseat in the van.  We always take ours to the local fire station, where they have staff trained to examine carseats to ensure proper installation.

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