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When Easter Eggs Hatch

I once saw this postcard as a kid… easter egg hatch
It always made me wonder what would happen if Easter eggs did hatch?

Easter Chicks

Seriously, though, in many parts of the world, including Central America, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and China, brightly hued birds are sold at market.  Some vendors believe that the colored chicks sell better than an average chick.

Jalapa 12 - Selling coloured chicks

Some vendors also include a matching carry case for the rainbow chick.

colored chicks

In most cases, a non-toxic dye is injected into the egg with care not to injure the growing chick. Apparently no harm befalls the fowl in the dying process.  colored chicks

The dye colors their down, which is replaced by feathers as they grow older.  When their feathers come in, the rainbow birds return to the typical coloring.


Which is good, I suppose, if you have a hacked off hatchling on your hands, mad at the world for mistaking him and his siblings for Peeps

Peeps Sake

There you have it.

(P.S.  Because I LOVED that postcard, I found it on Etsy and bought it!  I plan to frame it and use it with our Easter decor)

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