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Easter Cookies

Oh my word!  Easter is less than a week away, which means I better get the hang of this cookie making thing.  Wilton Easter 18 piece Metal Cookie Cutter SetWilton Spring Nonstick 12 Cavity Cookie PanYou may remember that I am learning to make cookies with Wilton.  For more on my cookie making adventure, check out my Vanilla Spritz Cookies post.

Fortunately, for me, Wilton is making it easy with the Wilton Spring Nonstick 12 Cavity Cookie Pan and the Wilton Easter 18 piece Metal Cookie Cutter Set.

I started with the 12 cavity cookie pan. They weren’t so pretty.  Of course, that couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that I didn’t follow the labeling instructions to fill the cavity 2/3 full.  I filled them all the way.  Wilton Spring Nonstick 12 Cavity Cookie PanOops.

I sent the picture of my cookies to my good friend, Amanda, who is a veritable cooking genius.  She texted me back and said, “Just use a knife to cut off the edges.”


She saved a whole pan from the garbage container, which is where I was about to deposit them.

Wilton Cookie ScoopAfter a few false starts, I still couldn’t figure out how much dough to use in the cavities.  SO I went to Michael’s and bought a Wilton Cookie Scoop.  I discovered that one even scoop was just about right.   My next batch turned out much better  (since I accepted that the instructions are there for a reason).


We iced them to make them beautiful, then the kids quickly gobbled a few and ran off.

Wilton Spring Nonstick 12 Cavity Cookie PanWilton Spring Nonstick 12 Cavity Cookie Pan

CUTE!  Okay, now onto the cookie cutters.  I am NOT going to lie.  I have never (EVER) successfully made cut out cookies.  EVER.  Of course, as per my usual, I didn’t follow the instructions…. I had extra dough left over from the mold, so I pressed it into the cutters to make the shapes I wanted.  They turned out okay.  They certainly weren’t as even as a rolled and cut cookie, but they worked.  While they were cooling, I used the Wilton Pastel 4 Piece Icing Color Set to color some make some Easter egg colors.

Wilton Easter 18 piece Metal Cookie Cutter SetWilton Pastel 4 Piece Icing Color Set

After icing the cookies, the kids and I used the Wilton Flowerful Medley and the Wilton Easter Sprinkle Assortment to decorate them.  Did you know that icing can cover a multitude of flaws?  LOVE it!  Once they were finished, I boxed them up in a treat box and sent them to work with Hubs.  I am calorie counting, I can’t Wilton Treat Boxhave yummy cookies sitting around all the time.

While I am definitely still a cooking making novice, I am confident that given time (and my Wilton cookie making products), I can improve and make yummy and pretty cookies consistently.  Isn’t it a real bummer that the kids and I are going to have to make dozens of cookies to get there?  I hoping the process is less stressful with more practice.  LOL.

Thanks, Wilton!

What is your favorite kind of cookie?

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  1. Your cookies are adorable! We made candy instead this year.

    • Your candy looked AWESOME! I have to make bunny chocolate pops for my son, since I can’t find chocolate bunnies that are peanut safe.

  2. Your cookies look great and so yummy too!!

  3. My daughter and I like to make cookies at Christmas time. She loves decorating them.

  4. Adhriene says:

    Easter cookies are really perfect for all people especially the kids…They will definitely love these ideas… It looks really yummy!

  5. I love Easter cookies, love baking for holidays and involving everyone!

  6. They look like they would be delicious and fun!

  7. Doing cupcakes here, this year. Your cookies turned out awesome!

  8. so cute! I need some new cookie cutters

  9. I love them! You did a great job.

  10. Love those!!! They look yummy!

  11. Those came out picture perfect!

  12. Leslie Galloway says:

    I think my favorite cookie is a nice homemade sugar cookie. My gramma used to give them to me in the afternoon with warm tea to dip them into. They’re my comfort food 🙂

  13. Amy Orvin says:

    I really like the differant shapes of the cookies. They all look so nice and yummy!