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Dude- there is poop on your phone!

You know you’ve seen it. You exit the bathroom stall, and as you approach the sink, someone else exits and heads for the door. As they reach for the door with one hand, they start dialing their cell phone with the other.


They just put poop next to their lips. Or pee. Whichever.  It’s just gross.  As a nurse, and as a Mom, I wretch a little when I see someone do that.  I learned enough in medical microbiology to know that it I don’t want to touch anything that person touches in the store/restaurant!  It seriously makes me want to scream, “Wash your hands, you sicko!  And while you’re at it, disinfect your phone (with a UV cell phone sanitizer), the door handle, and the shopping cart you just contaminated!”

Here’s an interesting infographic that shows which of your tech gadgets are the germiest.  For a self confessed germaphobe, this gives me the heebie jeebies!

by NowSourcing via

I routinely disinfect tech things in our home.  We have a 2yo and a 3yo.  No telling where they wipe boogies, IYKWIM!  Ugh.  So, yah, I have a bottle of bleach solution and a bottle of vinegar solution that make the rounds.

I had NEVER thought about the TV remote control in a hotel room, though.  I know about the towels and bedspreads, and of course the toilets and door handles.  But the remote control?  We just stayed at the Ritz Carlton last weekend, and I can’t help cringe thinking I held a remote control that could have been dirtier than the toilet seat.  EEEEWWWWWW!  I am stocking up on anti-bac wipes before our next vacation!

How about you?  Are you a germaphobe?

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