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Drammy Droopers AI2

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Drammy Droopers is a small business that sells custom made cloth diapers, reusable wipes, reusable cloth pads, and more.  What makes this WAHM business unique is that it is run by three generations of women who pour their love, and creativity, into every stitch.  Drammy Droopers products are hand made in the USA.  Drammy Droopers recently sent me custom AI2 diaper (all in two), a Drammybag, and some flannel wipes for review.  For the custom AI2, I chose the fun flowers print with the royal purple suede cloth lining. SO pretty!

Drammy Droopers Custom AI2

The Drammy Droopers One Size AI2 pocket diapering system is designed to fit baby’s from about 10-35lbs and has triple row sizing snaps in front and crossover snaps on one side for a better fit for trim or smaller babies. The touchtape diapers include laundry tabs for safe washing.

The Drammy Drooper OS AI2 has an outer cotton fabric print and can be customized to have an inner layer of microfleece or suede cloth (which is available in an array of colors).  This diaper doesn’t require a cover, as there is a hidden middle layer of PUL to keep moisture locked inside.  The diaper comes with one large super soaker, and extras can be purchased separately. You can use the soaker alone, snapped into the diaper, for light to medium wetters.  You can also use it with a second soaker stuffed into the pocket for heavy wetters.  You can select 100% rayon or microfiber for the inner section of soakers (we got to try ZORB in ours), and the outside can either natural color bamboo/cotton, or suede cloth.

Drammy Droopers Fun Flowers AI2

The Drammy Bag that I received has an outer cotton print layer with an inner PUL layer.  The handle is sewn on at an angle, and the zipper is sewn so that the zipper pull is closest to the handle when zipped.  This allows you to use gravity, or the door knob, as leverage when opening the bag with one hand.  Pure genius. This bag has been through the wash several times, and is holding up quite well. Drammy Bag

The flannel wipes are absolutely gorgeous, in addition to being perfectly sized, at 8×8 inches.  They are double layer flannel and are serged flawlessly.  I’ve used these as wipes and as wash cloths, and they wash up well.

Drammy wipes

Aside from having quality diaper products, I have to say that Drammy Droopers is spot on with their branding.  The branding was consistent from the stickers that seal the packaging, to the label in the diaper, to the embroidery on the Drammy Bag, to the label on the bonus hand sanitizer that was included in my package.  The hand sanitizer has a caribiner on it, so it is now permanently affixed to my purse strap, and advertising Drammy Droopers wherever I go.  That’s smart marketing!

Check out Drammy Droopers on Facebook for all of their latest prints and SALES!  Speaking of sales, I took advantage of their BLOWOUT (have to laugh at a blowout diaper) sale and bought this IMG_9988Drammy Droopers Glamour Dots diaper –>

I bought this. –>

So cute, right?

What is your favorite Drammy Droopers print?

Stay tuned for my Cloth Diaper Derby later in May, where you’ll be able to win your own Drammy Droopers diaper!!

Cloth Diaper Derby

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