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DIY Captain America Shield

As you know, Mister selected Captain America as his costume for Halloween.  After searching all the local stores and not being able to find a Captain America shield, I decided we’d make our own.

I made this printable Captain America Shield (in Paintshop Pro X4) and printed it on white paper.

printable captain america shield

Then I cut it out, and used our Scotch laminator (available at or at to laminate it.

Finally, I used packaging tape to affix it to a Styrofoam plate and used Duck tape to make a handle.

DIY Captain America Shield
Walah! Super simple shield and one happy Mister!

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  1. Very cute Davey loves Capitan America. 🙂 Pinned

  2. Love the shield, but love the boy even more! I’m sure he’s going to be the hit of the party tonight!

  3. Love the ingenuity here! I remember making our costumes like this when we were little. Of course we didn’t have a a printer or a laminator. But paper plates and duct tape can make anything!

  4. uhave a creative mind! good job!

  5. I love this, very creative. We always make and use what we have on hand for dress up and Halloween

  6. So cute! Makes me miss doing Holloween with my kids… 🙂

  7. awesome!! duck tape is awesome for sooooooooooo many reasons

  8. great idea! Super thrifty and easy!

  9. I’m totally making one for my husband. lolol!

  10. That is such a cute idea! It came out looking great too!

  11. Mary Schuh says:

    This is so cool! I bet he really felt like Captain America with a shield just like his! Definitely a Halloween to remember! 🙂

  12. awesome project it turned out great!

  13. I love this shield- what a great DIY project!

  14. Oh very cool, what a great idea!

  15. Great original idea!

  16. Very neat idea~!

  17. That shield turned out great, and he looks so happy! Hope he had a wonderful Halloween!