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Dem Bones

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I was out playing with the kids when something white caught my eye…

squirrel skull

That there, folks, is a skull.  EWWWWW!  Of course, I was intrigued.  I mean, how often do you find a skull in your own front yard?  So, I grabbed a twig to see if I could turn it to get a better look.

squirrel skull

The tongue fell out when I twigged the squirrel skull over, and I vomited a little in my mouth!  I mean, gag me with a fork!  I thought I was going to lose my breakfast!

It reminded me of a story about my brother and a squirrel hunting trip he went on when we were kids.  Retch.

Yes, I said squirrel hunting.  Did you know that squirrel hunting season in Illinois starts on August 1st yearly?  Or, at least, it used to.  My Dad and my brothers used to go squirrel hunting every year.  They’d come home with a backpack full of the bushy tailed things, and we’d have to skin them in the driveway.  And yes, we ate them.  After Mom fried them.  Tastes like chicken.  Of course, a lot of things taste like chicken, if you cook ‘em right.

Anyway, I looked around a little more, and found the rest of the poor varmint who met his demise on my lawn.

squirrel bonessquirrel bonessquirrel bones

I realized, albeit belatedly, that there was likely a great life science lesson in dem bones.  But, I just couldn’t bring myself to show them to the kids, and besides, they are only three and four.  It could have scarred them for life.  Life science can happen next year.


Or at least until the rest of the fur falls off the paw.


I would prefer that the squirrels in my yard look like the one on the cover of Squirrels (Backyard Animals)…


Wouldn’t you?

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  1. April Decheine

    EEK, I have never found anything like that, squirrel hunting, never heard of that and I am up in MN, very close to Illinois :-)
    April Decheine recently posted..JOHN CARTER in theatres everywhere on March 9th! #JohnCarter #DisneyMy Profile

  2. darlene bohannon says:

    i like the squirrel post. my dad hunted squirrel and we ate them too .i helped him skin the squirrels too and can still skin a squirrel. bring back lots of memories ,,thank you

  3. Oh my .. I think I would have lost my breakfast too!!
    Courtney recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – 18 weeks 5 DaysMy Profile

  4. My kids would love finding that in our yard. Too funny on gag me with a spoon – had a flashback there!
    Amy recently posted..A Whole Lot of Giveaways Going OnMy Profile

  5. The tongue fell out? Oh my! I’d have been so grossed out, too.
    HilLesha recently posted..Zeleb Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  6. I would have jumped a mile if I saw them in my yard.
    Zippy Sandler recently posted..A more natural sleepMy Profile

  7. Well that is interesting lol
    Laurie recently posted..Listerine Oral Care ChallengeMy Profile

  8. Sharon Koenig says:

    Lol.. Kinda interesting, I always thought biology was pretty cool, though. So not all that gross to me, just like another class! :)
    Sharon Koenig recently posted..Announcing: The New Internet Marketing Video Training University! | Learn How To Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  9. Being from the south, my brother hunted squirrel since he was old enough to have a bb gun. And as far as skulls go – when I was younger I wanted to paint a bull skull with the horns, etc. So I actually hunted a local pasture and found a decomposing bull….and, you guessed it… took the skull. I’ll save you the details of using my boot to …eh…. separate it. ha :)
    Kenda recently posted..Family Night with Dr. Oetker Pizza RestoranteMy Profile

  10. I would have freaked out, and my boys would have lunged to pick them up. LOL!!
    Karen recently posted..Growing older brings more financial wisdom…My Profile

  11. That skull looks like it should be in a Georgia Okeefe painting.. . Even if it is a squirrel.
    Lolo recently posted..Cheer on The Muppets at the OscarsMy Profile

  12. My daughter would have been the one out there picking it up LOL. She is my little adventurer
    Toni recently posted..Skin Care Lessons With My Soon To Be Teen. X Out Test DriveMy Profile

  13. Squirrels are so sweet! How could they be hunted? They are the cutest animals on our planet. In the Hide Park, they can be feed from the hand, they are really friendly.
    Catwoman recently posted..Fog hygieniaMy Profile

  14. Oh gosh! I’d totally throw up in my mouth a little too! I much prefer them with their fur on and bouncing around from tree to tree!
    nicole recently posted..Bubbling Soul LaughterMy Profile

  15. how gross!!!!!!!!!!!! The skill looks a bit big to be a squirrel though… at least in pictures it looks big.
    Jennifer recently posted..My “One List Life”! #CleverList #sponMy Profile

  16. Ewwwwwwww! I would probably pass out! Although my kids would think it was the COOLEST THING EVER!
    Melissa recently posted..Depression Hurts.My Profile

  17. Oh gosh that is just Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww I would of had to get hubby to get rid of that
    Tricia nightowlmama recently posted..$100 World Market #Giveaway Sponsored by CouponCabinMy Profile

  18. Uh, yuck! I’m not a big fan of bones…I’d have freaked out :)
    Connie recently posted..Oscar Looks – Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog at the 82nd Academy AwardsMy Profile

  19. My dad and uncles used to squirrel hunt. I’ve never eaten squirrel, but my mom has cooked it many times, and yes, they would tell me it tasted like chicken. I decided to just take their words for it. :)
    Donna recently posted..Unconscious Mutterings: HourglassMy Profile

  20. Living in the country you see some weird and strange things, that’s for sure.
    Crystal recently posted..Creamy Crock Pot Chicken with Black Beans and CornMy Profile

  21. I might have been interested if the tongue wasn’t involved! YUCK!
    Liz recently posted..Blissdom 2012 Was Even Better than Last Year!My Profile

  22. Any skull in our yard would be pretty darn awesome but I WILL pass on eating squirrel part though.
    Marcie W recently posted..Makenna’s Mystery VirusMy Profile

  23. It’s kinda gross and cool….a great learning experience!
    Anne – Mommy Has to Work recently posted..Attack of the CuteMy Profile

  24. I wouldn’t want to show them to my kids, either.
    Tammy recently posted..My Autism Son Is Typing IndependentlyMy Profile

  25. Eww! I usually love science type things, but tongues falling out is a bit much for me!
    Maureen recently posted..Office Organization with Brother P-Touch LabelsMy Profile

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