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Dem Bones

I was out playing with the kids when something white caught my eye…

squirrel skull

That there, folks, is a skull.  EWWWWW!  Of course, I was intrigued.  I mean, how often do you find a skull in your own front yard?  So, I grabbed a twig to see if I could turn it to get a better look.

squirrel skull

The tongue fell out when I twigged the squirrel skull over, and I vomited a little in my mouth!  I mean, gag me with a fork!  I thought I was going to lose my breakfast!

It reminded me of a story about my brother and a squirrel hunting trip he went on when we were kids.  Retch.

Yes, I said squirrel hunting.  Did you know that squirrel hunting season in Illinois starts on August 1st yearly?  Or, at least, it used to.  My Dad and my brothers used to go squirrel hunting every year.  They’d come home with a backpack full of the bushy tailed things, and we’d have to skin them in the driveway.  And yes, we ate them.  After Mom fried them.  Tastes like chicken.  Of course, a lot of things taste like chicken, if you cook ‘em right.

Anyway, I looked around a little more, and found the rest of the poor varmint who met his demise on my lawn.

squirrel bonessquirrel bonessquirrel bones

I realized, albeit belatedly, that there was likely a great life science lesson in dem bones.  But, I just couldn’t bring myself to show them to the kids, and besides, they are only three and four.  It could have scarred them for life.  Life science can happen next year.


Or at least until the rest of the fur falls off the paw.


I would prefer that the squirrels in my yard look like the one on the cover of Squirrels (Backyard Animals)…


Wouldn’t you?

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