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Delightful Desserts made with Peanut Butter

January 24th is National Peanut Butter Day.  It is a big deal in our house, and with good reason.  Once upon a time, my son was allergic to peanuts.  For over three years we were on a peanut embargo, and had to follow the strictest peanut avoidance protocols, because exposure to peanuts resulted in head-to-toe hives and twice he had to have epinephrine because the reaction was swift and severe.  On June 1, 2012, he successfully passed the peanut challenge after he received complete healing from the allergy.  He has since become quite the peanut butter aficionado and LOVES all things peanut butter.  To celebrate National Peanut Butter Day, I thought I’d share a round up of Delightful Desserts made with Peanut Butter.  Mister’s all time favorite are the Traditional Peanut Butter Kisses, though if it has peanut butter in it, he’s sure to love it.

Delightful Desserts made with Peanut Butter

Don’t those look scrumptious?  Okay, here are 30 Delightful Desserts made with Peanut Butter.  Just click on the image to visit the recipe, it will open in a new window.

    Be sure to check out the recipes create a delightful dessert made with peanut butter.  Let me know which one you choose, and let the recipe creator know that you hopped on over from here!
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  1. I’m drooling over here!! I LOVE peanut butter and even more so love pb & chocolate together! I want to try that no bake cake first!

  2. Yum, yum, yum!! I am in love with peanut butter and PB cookies are my all time favorite. My mother makes the best Traditional Peanut Butter Kiss cookies, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t get mine to come out as good as hers.

  3. Thank you so much for including a few of my recipes in this incredibly yummy dessert round-up! I am such a sucker for peanut butter desserts. 😉
    Pinned & sharing!

  4. These look awesome – it’s a good thing my family loves peanut butter because I’ll be making quite a few of them. lol Thank you for featuring my cookies 🙂

  5. I love peanut butter. Thanks for sharing this collection!

  6. Thanks for including my recipe! I see I have some baking to do. They all look delicious.

  7. I loveeee peanut butter, and when it’s mixed with chocolate? Even better. Thanks for sharing!

  8. OMG! Everything is so yummy! I love peanut blossoms 🙂

  9. my husband LOVES peanut butter blossoms with kisses. he gets so excited when i make them! my son was diagnosed via skin test for peanut allergy at 1. by 3, he’d outgrown it. i know a lot of folks are going to the desensitization method with great success

  10. Oh my goodness you are killing me. I love chocolate and peanut butter combos in a dessert. So many recipes I am going to have to try. I need some Buck Eye candies right now.

  11. This is all too tempting! I am a huge PB lover; I used to basically inhale those peanut butter “Kiss” cookies when I was a little kid. I think it may be a little bit TOO DANGEROUS if I Pin this one, yet I’m still finding myself doing it right now… 😉

  12. My husband loves desserts made with peanut butter. I’ll have to go through these and find some new favorites! Thanks!

  13. my kids love peanut butter desserts. I’m going to pin some of these for ideas for later

  14. I was looking forward to reading this post because of the title. Once I saw the 30 recipes I was definitely glad I did read the post.

  15. Thank you for sharing my Peanut Butter Buckeyes and Rocky Road Squares 🙂 I’m totally pinning this page – hubby loves anything with peanut butter and I see some other yummy recipes to try.

  16. Delightful indeed!! OMG – I’m starving for one of those – any of them. I love baking with PP. Awesome job here!!

  17. I think I just gained 5 million pounds when reading this post. Sounds great.