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Dash by Sarah Renee

What’s not to love about an anthropomorphic lion with a secret?  Dash, the second book in The Saderia Series by Sarah Renée.   Sarah Renée is an ambitious teen author, from South Carolina teen, who now boasts three published titles including The Tiger Princess, Dash, and Hunted Home.  She has been writing short stories since the age of four, and wrote her first novel, The Tiger Princess, when she was twelve.

Dash by Sarah ReneeAbout Dash…

"His parents are gone.  He lives in the woods…"

Dash is a dark lion with a dark secret.  Living as an orphan in the cold, winter forest, he strives to hide that secret from the other young animals that have come to resent him.  But when he meets the animal that has haunted his past, he isn’t sure what to do.

Meanwhile, Saderia finally gets her wish to go to school now that her parents, King Makero and Queen Karenisha are back.  She hopes to meet a friend, but she gets slightly more than she bargained for when she meets a fun-loving cheetah, a bullying panther, three prissy girls, prejudiced teachers, and a strange assistant principal who seems to enjoy making Saderia’s life more difficult.  But there is no one as strange as the dark lion that sits in the back, and hides his face from her.

Saderia starts having Dreams again, but even though she knows what they are, she still doesn’t understand them.  At the same time, she struggles to accept the prophecy she learned about in her ancestor’s tomb.  But why do her Dreams and her instinct always direct her toward the dark lion who seems to fear her?

As the two animals get to know each other, Saderia wonders if Dash is hiding something, while Dash realizes that it is much harder to keep secrets from friends.

Dash is a sweet lion with a family history that would make just about anyone hang their head in shame.  Saderia is a tiger princess that just wants a chance at a normal life.  When the two meet, a friendship is forged.

At first, I wasn’t certain that I would enjoy reading Dash.  Based on the cover art, and the fact that the author is a teenager, I expected the novel to be juvenile and un-relatable.  Boy, was I wrong.  Once I started reading it, I didn’t want to stop.  The resonance of the storyline is one that is both engaging and intriguing.  It is well written, and I could easily identify with the feelings of both Dash and Saderia as they navigated the challenges that came their way.  While there are some sinister twists in the book, Dash and Saderia are both positive role models and exemplify loyalty and friendship.

The fact that Dash is written by a teenager is astonishing.  The emotional timbre conveyed is one that I would expect from a much more seasoned author.

I would certainly recommend Dash to anyone who enjoys reading anthropomorphic fiction.  This is one book that would be great to read WITH your teen ager and do a book study on.  The questions that you could ask, and maybe even get them to answer, are limitless!

The Saderia Series is available in paperback print or as Kindle Books. For less than five bucks, you can get all three on Kindle, and have hours of reading at your fingertips, or gift to a teen you love!

Learn more about Sarah Renée, the Saderia Series, and read sample chapters at

Sarah Renée has utilized’s CreateSpace self-publishing platform to publish The Saderia Series.  By using CreateSpace, she and her Mom (her biggest supporter) were able to retain complete creative control over the content and artwork.  With three books under her belt, she is nowhere near finished with her planned 15-book series.  She found the process of self-publishing so easy, she plans to use the platform for other projects.

Sarah Renee, and her books, prove that self-publishing is not just for adult authors.  CreateSpace is a great way, for young writers everywhere, to get their budding talent and work out to a broad national audience – right alongside bestselling independent authors such as Amanda Hocking, the highly-successful writer of young adult fiction – for very little cost.

Why Choose CreateSpace for Self Publishing?

  • No membership or title set-up fees.
  • Flexible royalty model puts you in control.
  • A growing community of passionate authors, filmmakers and musicians sharing resources and tips for success.
  • A non-exclusive agreement keeps your future publishing and distribution options open.
  • Free CreateSpace ISBN or UPC if you don’t yet have one.

If you were writing for publication, what would you write about?  Do you have a novel hidden within you?

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  2. Wow, a teenager wrote this? That is so cool! I always wanted to be an author myself. I’m going to go take a look at these books for Christmas gifts! Thanks!

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