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Custom QR Code

QR codes are just about everywhere.  On cereal boxes, video game boxes, and business cards.  Even Facebook has a QR code!  When I received an opportunity, via BFPR, to review the Custom QR Code generator at, I qrt_emblem2_reasonably_smallthought it would be cool to have my very own QR code for That Bald Chick.

It was easy to create and the step-by-step process on was simple.  In fact, I think my 4yo could have done it.  QRt_TBCThe most tedious part of it was editing my header to remove the text so I could insert That Bald Chick in the middle of the QR code.

After I created it and received my custom QR code, I realized I didn’t have a way to scan it to make sure it works.  I have a dumb phone (as opposed to a smart phone) and it wouldn’t allow me to use the scanning app.  My Kindle Fire doesn’t have a camera, and my ancient iPod doesn’t have one either.  Oi vey!  What to do?

I reached out to some fellow bloggers, who have smart phones, and asked them to scan it and see what happened.

Wahoo!  It worked!  It took them right to my site.  I was so incredibly excited.

The can be created as an extra small (500×500 pixel) image up to an extra large (3000×3000 pixel) image.  I accidentally left mine set on the default setting, which is extra small.

Nevertheless, I can’t wait to put her on my business cards!

What would you use a custom QR code on?

I received a custom product in exchange for my honest opinion through Blog Friendly PR, no monetary compensation was received.

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. That’s really cool, though looking at it makes my eyes all wonky.

  2. That’s really cool, I haven’t seen a QR code with an image before!

  3. Awesome, I need to do this! Love yours!

  4. That is so neat. I want to make a QR Code for my site.

  5. Hey! Yours is featured on their site right now 🙂