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Cultivation Generation- My Foundation

In the 70s and 80s, when most mainstream denominations limited their worship to more traditional hymns, Vineyard Worship (formerly Vineyard Music) was using the unique nature of contemporary worship music.  Over the years, their music has gained a large following, and is now used by many churches.
Their newest album, Cultivation Generation- My Foundation, is a continuation of that tradition.
Track Listing:
Cultivation Generation My Foundation
My Soul Longs – The Neverclaim
Love Has Come, Love Has Won – Jesse Meyer
God Don’t Never Change – David Linhart
My Foundation – Anabeth Morgan
Let It Shine – Stephen Lampert
The Bridegroom – The Neverclaim
Your Kingdom’s Here – Jesse Meyer
Worthy – Anabeth Morgan
Life To Us – David Linhart
Enthroned On High – The Neverclaim
Walls Come Down – Stephen Lampert
They That Wait – The Neverclaim
Song Of Hope (Digital Bonus) – The Neverclaim
I will start by saying that I haven’t listened to any Vineyard Music in several years.  I have been listening to other albums, in more of the contemporary Christian category rather than the worship category.  So my music has been focused on mainstream artists such as Casting Crowns, Newsboys, Mercy Me, Jeremy Camp, etc.  I do have the Dwell Album from Vineyard (2003) and while it was great,  I haven’t listened to anything from Vineyard since then.
The Cultivation Generation- My Foundation album starts with “My Soul Longs” which I think was a great way to start an album with the mix of music that it has.  Whether it is a slower worship song, like,  “Let It Shine,” or the electric-guitar driven “The Bridegroom,” or the upbeat songs “Walls Come Down” and “Your Kingdom’s Here,” this album has a song that can mean something for everyone.  Every song in this album is powerful.  From a worshiper’s perspective, every song, in my opinion, is meaningful and authentic.  Each song can lead different people, regardless of the types of music they like, into worship just by listening to them.  The authors of this collection are Vineyard’s best musicians and leaders, which results in an album with tracks that are recorded flawlessly.  The live setting of the album does lend to a livelier sound and encourages the listener to join in worshiping.  It was also neat to hear a Vineyard rendition of “Song of Hope.”
All in all, if you are looking for some fresh, up-to-date worship, you should get this album.
Album available wherever Christian music is sold and on iTunes.
Learn more by checking out the Vineyard Worship Website, liking Vineyard Worship on Facebook, following Vineyard Worship on Twitter, or checking out Vineyard Worship on Youtube.

***My wife received a complimentary digital download to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.***

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own


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