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CJs BUTTer from Thanks Mama

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As a cloth diaper momma, I have enjoyed a seven plus month respite from needing diaper cream.  It’s amazing what cloth can do!  That being said, we’ve hit the icky teething poop stage, and OH MY WORD!  The coconut oil I’ve typically use for skin care just isn’t up to the job!  Fortunately, Thanks Mama just sent me a CJ’s BUTTer 12 oz tub (in My Pixie Pie) and a CJ’s BUTTer Squeeze Tube (in Blueberry Crumble) for review.

CJs Butter

It couldn’t have come at a better time.

In all honesty, the only other experience I’ve ever had with CJ’s Butter is using it on my fried Abby’s baby, A.  She cloth diapers, too, and A has very sensitive skin.  Abby uses the another scent, and while I liked the scent I wasn’t sure if Hubs would like it.  He likes natural smelling stuff,  so I went for the Blueberry Crumble and My Pixie Pie.

My Pixie Pie: A mixture of cherries, toasted almonds, vanilla, and coconut.

Blueberry Crumble: A blend blueberries and oatmeal with a hint of spice and vanilla.

CJ’s BUTTer is all-natural and is cloth diaper friendly.

I’ve used the CJ’s BUTTer on Little Miss, and have been really pleased with it.  The My Pixie Pie scent is my favorite of the two.  I have to confess, I’ve used it on my hands a few times, too.  My hands get SO dry during the winter, and the CJ’s BUTTer makes them soft and smooth.  I like the CJ’s BUTTer well enough that I’m not sure whether or not I’ll go back to the plain ole coconut oil when the icky teething poops pass.

The CJ’s BUTTer 12 oz Tub is $19 and the squeeze tube is $9.  The squeeze tube is perfect for the diaper bag!


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