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Choose your malady

Last night I dropped the Hubs, Mister, and Sister off at my Aunts house while I attended a meeting for the Family Ministry department at church.  When I went to pick them up, Mister had developed a rash.  Initially I thought he’d had an allergic reaction to a blanket at my Aunt’s house.   I gave him some Benadryl and when we got home, put him to bed (since it was after 11 p.m.)

This morning, I am not so sure.

chicken pox

chicken pox

chicken pox

chicken pox

chicken pox

So, let’s backtrack a moment.
On Wednesday,  I put flannel sheets on his bed when I changed his sheets.  He got up from his nap, had a low grade fever, and vomited.  Since he was perfectly fine within fifteen minutes, I thought he overheated with the flannel sheets (since he can’t sweat) and didn’t think anymore of it.
Thursday he was fine.  We went to MomsClub and had a blast.
Then last night the rash.

I called the pediatrician’s office and spoke with the nurse,  and according to her  it could be

A) chicken pox;
B) hand-foot-mouth disease; or
C) an allergic reaction as originally thought.
Helpful.  Real helpful.
Of course, since it *could* be chicken pox, the doctor’s office does not want me to bring him in, less we expose all the other children.  Mind you, he has had the chicken pox vaccine.
So, I called my Mom to come over and look at them.
What do you think?
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  1. It is hard to tell , Chicken Poxs usually have a white head in the middle of the red rash! Hope you figure it out

  2. They can get the chicken pox even if they’ve had the vaccine. The vaccine’s purpose is really only to prevent complications from severe cases. My youngest had chicken pox. We had 2 doctors diagnose him as atopic dermatitis, which we all know means your mother brought you to my office for nothing, since it was only on his legs, even though I kept telling them that atopic dermatitis doesn’t cause a low grade fever. Once we finally got in with our regular doc, he was on the tail end of it, but doc said “Nope, that’s chicken pox.” If the spots are itchy, and oozing any sort of pus, then my guess would be chicken pox based on our previous experience. He’s not contagious once they’re all scabbed over.

    I’d also check and see if it’s going around the local schools. They have to report it to the health department. If any of your children is in school, you need to let them know so they can send a note home letting other parents know their child may have been exposed. That’s how my little one got it. His big brother carried it home from someone at school.

    • Mine aren’t in school (they are 1 and 2), so no problem there. I did, however, e-mail our MomsClub members to let them know, since we played together on Thursday. I also let the Moms who were at last nights meeting know, so that they could watch their kiddos, in case I carried it.

  3. Gosh, I don’t know either. We thought maybe my daughter had it awhile back and she has had the vaccine too…ended up being a heat rash. I am a new follower from Momdot…enjoy your weekend and hope you get an answer on your little guy.

  4. It looks like chicken pox to me. My oldest had a bad case of it (before vaccines), and my second son was immunized but still got it 🙁