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Chocolate Reconnaissance

Where DID Mom put that Hershey Chocolate Bar?  I know it’s in here SOMEWHERE.

Chocolate Reconnaissance

Wait, is that it…

Chocolate Reconnaissance

Gold.  Pure gold.  Chocolate that is.

Chocolate Reconnaissance

Quick, Sissy, I need the step stool.

Chocolate Reconnaissance

Look, I’ll share with you, since you DID give me the step stool.  But, I did all the climbing work, so I get a bigger piece.

Chocolate Reconnaissance

Of course, he got the stern talking to.

You know, the one that goes, “You can’t climb on the counters, because it’s not safe.  You could fall and break your arm, or leg, or worse.  If you want chocolate, you have to ask for it.  We put some stuff up high because it has nuts in it, and you can’t have nuts because you’re allergic to them.  No, no this chocolate bar does not have nuts in it.  However, in the future if you want a piece of chocolate, you have to ask for it, because you can’t read the label, so you wouldn’t know if it had nuts.  How do you spell nut?  Well, it’s spelled n-u-t, but that is besides the point.  If you want chocolate, you have to ask for it.  Where would it be on the label?  It’d be right here, in the ingredients.  But it could say almond, or cashew, or peanut instead of just nut.  No, you’re not allergic to almonds and cashews, just peanuts.  No, you can’t have cashews and almonds, even though you’re not allergic to them.  Why?  Well, the doctor said to avoid all nuts because a lot of the time other nus are processed on the same equipment as peanuts.  You’re missing the point, here, son.  If you want chocolate, you have to ask for it. What?  No, I can’t just call and ask if the other nuts have been on the same equipment as peanuts.”

Deep breath.

“Listen.  To.  Me.  The.  Point.  Is.  If.  You.  Want.  Chocolate.  You.  Have.  To.  Ask.  For.  It.”

Mister: “Oh.  Mom, can I have this chocolate?”


Seriously, though, I was more impressed than I was upset.  That little bit of chocolate reconnaissance took some serious problem solving skills.  And he is, after all, his mother’s son… lover of all things chocolate.


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  1. Man, I love that kid. He is hilarious!

  2. April Decheine says:

    He is such a little cutie!

  3. Oh yeah, hidden chocolate. My wife has little stashes all over the house. Hidden not just to keep our boys from finding it, but me from finding it, too.

  4. That was the perfect expression

  5. My kids search like that too!!

  6. That could so be my house!! I always have a mini heart attack when I walk in and find him on the counter.

  7. He is a determined little guy 😉

  8. This is me nightly….only I have no accomplice! 🙂 They’re adorable.

  9. My little one is just the same!! Of course he gets a cookie and tells me brother wants it. I am working on that one!

  10. Wow – gotta give him MAJOR credit for working so hard for that candy bar…although I’ve been there

  11. Hahah so cute!!!

  12. You have quite the little spider-man there! Sounds like a conversation that we would have at our house. 😀

  13. Oh my gosh I am cracking up at his reasoning skils of why must I ask for chocolate. pure awesomeness.

  14. This totally reminded me of my son!!! He’s always climbing on something. At least he scored, all htat hard work has paid off!