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Chocolate Fudge with Crushed Pretzel Topping

I’ve always wanted to be able to make fudge, but have never been able to pull it off.  That is, until I found the simplest fudge recipe ever.  Two ingredients.

1 can of chocolate frosting and 1 bag of chocolate chips.

chocolate fudge ingredients

Because it is in my nature to complicate even the simplest of recipes, I decided to add crushed pretzels to mine.

crushed pretzels

I melted the chocolate chips in my Wilton Chocolate Pro (love my Wilton Chocolate Pro!  I always managed to burn my chocolate before I started using it, now it melts perfectly!), then combined the melted chocolate with the chocolate frosting.

chocolate fudge batter

I spread the mixture into a buttered 8×8 baking pan.

chocolate fudge

Then I pressed crushed pretzels into the chocolatey goo.

chocolate fudge with crushed pretzel topping

Although I wanted to try a piece right away, I followed instructions and put the pan in the fridge to chill and harden.

chocolate fudge with crushed pretzels

After it had a chance to firm up, I cut a few pieces to enjoy with the fam.

Oh. My. Yum.  Little pieces of heaven on a plate!

Next time, I think I will put the crushed pretzels on the bottom, so that the fudge is all up in the crumbly goodness.

Now that I know how to make cheater fudge, I think I want to try some variations.  I keep thinking the chocolate with strawberry wafer cookies would be nom nom.  What flavor combo’s have you tried with fudge (real or cheater recipes)?


Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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