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Chocolate Covered Bacon

precooked bacon slices

A few days ago, I was in the mood for something crunchy, salty, and chocolaty.  Most people would reach for chocolate covered peanuts when faced with such a craving.  But, with a peanut allergic kid in the house, peanuts don’t enter our home.  At all.  In anything.

Faced with a royal conundrum, I wondered what I could make that would satisfy the crunchy, salty, and chocolaty criteria.

And suddenly, I thought, I have a pack of precooked bacon slices in the pantry…

And a bag of Hershey Kisses



Yes, I did.

I grabbed the pack of precooked bacon slices and the bag of Hershey Kisses and headed for the microwave.

I placed a few slices of bacon on a paper towel and put them on a microwave safe plate, and programmed the microwave for two minutes.

While the bacon was cooking, I grabbed a Pyrex bowl and started unwrapping kisses.

I put about fifteen kisses in the bowl, and just in time, the microwave dinged.

I took the bacon out and popped the kisses into the microwave for sixty seconds.

When the microwave dinged, I stirred the semi-melted kisses and popped them back in for thirty seconds.

In the meantime, my son heard the microwave and came in. chocolate covered bacon

“Whatcha making, Mom, and can I have some?” he asked.

I told him I was making dessert.  LOL.

When the microwave dinged again, I took the chocolate out and dipped some bacon in it.

Chocolate covered bacon.  OMY!  As in, Oh My Yum!  All the goodness of chocolate covered peanuts minus the epi-pen!

I gave Mister a little piece, and he ate it up.  Then, he grabbed the bowl of melted Hershey Kisses and said, “I’m taking this to the table, so we can all have some of this yummolicious ressert.”

Yummolicious is right!

Since we were eating it as quickly as we were making it, I wasn’t at all concerned with how good it looked.  Next time, I think I will chop the bacon up a little and make chocolate bacon bars.  Then I could freeze some and take it out whenever I want it.

Ah, who am I kidding?  It would never make it to the freezer.

Have you ever tried chocolate covered bacon?

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  1. I’ve heard of chocolate covered bacon, I just haven’t tried it yet.

    Glad to hear it was a hit.

  2. Oh no. I can see where the salty and sweet could be good friends, but still. No.

  3. Never tried it, but hubs has ALWAYS wanted to! YUM

  4. I love Bacon and I love Chocolate i certainly would try it

  5. I love sweet and salty, but I’ll pass, lol!

  6. This sounds so fattening yet so interesting!

  7. Wow that looks very interesting, I love bacon and chocolate. I just don’t know about together.

  8. YUM!!! I’ve tried it store-bought but haven’t made it on my own. Interesting!

  9. I’ve made this too, but just dipped it in Nutella! Not something I’d eat very often of course, but hey, why not every now and then! Good job, Virginia!!!

  10. I’ve never heard of chocolate covered bacon before, but it sounds like I will give it a try. I love creativity in food making.

  11. Interesting. Very interesting.

    Not sure I’d dare make it myself, but I suspect it would sell bunches at a fair or festival. They could sell it right next to the deep fried Snickers bars.

  12. Glad you liked it but I think I’ll pass :).