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Chicago #BabyShow Part 3 The Pictures


As I mentioned previously, dummy me forgot to pack the USB cord with the camera, so I had to wait to share pictures from the Chicago Baby & Toddler Expo, hosted by Bebe Paluzza.  But, wait no longer, here they are…


Having arrived at the show by 7 a.m. in effort to be one of the first fifty Moms, I found my self in need of some rejuvenation, so I sent my husband on the hunt.  He texted me while on the hunt and mentioned that there were no less than fifteen other hunters on the prowl and asked if he should hunt for food as well as drinks.  Of course, I said I didn’t care what he captured, as long as he didn’t come back without coffee.  LOL.  And, true to his awesomeness, he stayed in the battle until he could capture this smooth cup of java.  Here I am enjoying the fruit of his labor.  Hmmmm.


While it may not look like there was a crowd from the picture above, the first fifty Mom’s had all arrived by 8 a.m. and the photos below were taken well before 8:30 a.m.

IMG_1054 IMG_1055 IMG_1056

By 9:15, the line wound all the down the side wall and had made two more lines going up and down the length of the room. Wow!

The wonderful organizer’s passed out venue maps so that we could plan our attack route once inside the expo.  We didn’t have to wonder where a vendor might be, it was all mapped out for us.  That was extremely helpful.

As I mentioned on Facebook and Twitter, I was at the corner of the line.  It was so interesting watching people count as they came toward me with a smile on their face, until the rounded the corner and then as they turned the corner, you heard “oh, expletive.”  Most people stopped at that.  However, one lady stopped to tell me and the gal in front of me about how she thought it was unfair that they were only handing out fifty of the swag bags on Saturday and she got lost on her way from out of state, blah, blah, blah.  Having drove from St. Louis the previous night, I wasn’t very sympathetic.  Sorry about your bad luck.  Then, around 9:40, two women decided they were going to try to line jump.  As sweetly as I could, I turned and pointed to the doorway behind me and said, “Oh, the end of the line is back there.”  The one woman nodded curtly and crossed her arms.  The other woman gave me a look that I am certain could have sent me into convulsions if looks could kill.  The gentleman that I had been chatting with (pictured above with his back to the camera in the picture, hands in his pockets) pointedly looked at them and said, young ladies, your place is at the end of the line.  Don’t mess with a first time Granddad and his swag, right?  They moved on, but from the ruckus I heard, I think they may have tried to line jump near the doorway.

After we received our swag bag ticket, those of us who received one were moved into a different line to collect our swag before the doors opened.

Once the doors opened, we were in for a treat!  Here are a few pictures of the vendor booths we visited…


When we came to the Mrs. Smiths booth, Brian asked, “What’s this?”  I started describing the bag to  him and suddenly Rachael Smith, founder and CEO of Mrs Smiths, turned around and said, “I designed them, but you are doing a great job describing them!”  It was kind of comical.

According to Bebe Paluzza’s Facebook page, there were 4520 consumers, 2240 guests under the age of 6, and 575 exhibitors at the expo between Saturday and Sunday.  For as many people as were there, you would have thought it would have been a mad house, but it wasn’t. It was expertly organized and truly a lot of fun to attend.

Be back in a bit with SWAG pictures.

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  1. Jenn Kampmeier says:

    You Rock! I love how you told your “story/experience”!! Thx so much for traveling all the way to our show! It was so wonderful to have met you!


  2. Thanks for visiting us at the Squishy Press booth!

    • Allison, I just loved the Squishy Press faces book! Books that are eco-friendly and kid safe are definitely a MUST have!