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Celebrating her #Smilestones with #Orajel AD

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel Kids.

It’s hard for me to believe how big my baby is getting. The last thirteen months have served as a reminder to me that time waits for no one! Watching her as she meets each milestone has brought such joy and so many smiles. She’s been one of the most pleasant baby’s ever, from her first coo to her first smile to the first time she laughed. She was practically born smiling… and now has the cutest impish little grin ever!

Little Miss Grin Then and Now

Ermagoodness, I want to eat her up, she’s so stinkin cute!

Seriously, though, that smile makes my day! All those little teeth — she has eight so far, and is working on four more– OH MY! In our house, oral care is VERY important. I started wearing dentures before I was ten because of the way my skin disorder affects dentition. I learned very early the importance of oral health to overall health. I’m one of THOSE moms that cleans the baby’s gums before teeth ever come in. In fact, Little Miss just had her first dentist appointment…

first visit to the dentist

A lot of my friends are flabbergasted when I say I took my one year old to the dentist. All three of my kiddos have seen the dentist for the first time within six months of their first tooth erupting! And I’ve always striven to make sure they learn good oral habits early on. Keeping her smile as healthy as possible is one of the reasons we use Orajel products. From teething, to training her how to use her own tooth brush, to eventually her starting to brush on her own, Orajel has me covered.


Of course, she thinks she’s a big kid and wants to brush on her own already.

Little Miss Orajel Kid

Sorry kid, Mommy will be helping you for at least another five years. LOL.

Orajel wants to celebrate the smiling milestones- or “Smilestones” of children everywhere. Share your favorite Smilestones on Facebook for a chance to win a grand prize trip for a family of four to Beaches Resorts. Whether her first smile or his first lost tooth, it’s worth smiling for! You can enter now through 06/18/2014 at 11:59pm ET.

Be sure to mark your calendars for May 28th 10:30am PST and join us for a #Orajel #Smilestones Twitter Party, too! Prizes valued up to $200! See you there! Follow @SITSGirls for the Twitter Party.

Now, I just have to figure out which smile I want to submit for the contest for Little Miss. What do you think?

Smilestones collage

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel Kids.

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  1. Poor baby, she looked so sad in the dentist’s chair. But that smile definitely makes that trip worth it.Such a sweetie!

  2. Those pictures are adorable! Love the idea of smilestones!

  3. I would say submit number two!

    I developed fluorosis at about her age and my teeth have been an uphill battle ever since the adult ones grew in. My mom is a dental hygienist now, so we’ve been poking and prodding and cleaning in my sons’ mouths since they were that young too!

  4. What a brave mama! I can’t stand going to the dentist so it’s not high on my to do list. My three-year-old hasn’t even gone yet.
    Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and take her!!

  5. I don’t remember the first time I went to the dentist, but it sure wasn’t that young! Way to go mom – keeping your little one healthy. – Katy

  6. I need to pick some up for my big girl, she is getting some more new teeth in and they seem to be bothering her.

  7. Stuff Works Great Don’t It Love Your Beautiful Baby!!!

  8. She does have a great smile! We still help our kiddos out with their teeth. Two are good at not so much!

  9. It is so important to get kids in the habit of good oral care as early as possible! She is sooo adorable!

  10. She is absolutely beautiful! She looks much happier brushing her own teeth than having the dentist poke and prod her. I haven’t taken my toddler to the dentist yet…

  11. My son teethed early and often. I didn’t take him for his first dentist appointment until he was almost 2, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t already taking care of his teeth. 🙂 We’re very good about making sure to take care of his teeth with frequent cleanings and dentist visits.

  12. It is so important to get them in the dentist early! We waited too long and out daughter was totally freaked out by the concept! It is so important to get them used to the dentist at a young age.

  13. I dread taking my littles to the dentist, but they always surprise me! We’ve been long time users of Orajel in this house too. Next week we have our first orthodontist appointment! Can’t EVEN believe it.

  14. Love that sweet little smile! My daughter has a dentist appointment coming up and she is actually looking forward to it. The first time was a bit painful but now she enjoys see her dentist and getting a new toothbrush!

  15. My kids both LOVE going to the dentist – isn’t that nuts. I think it is because of the prizes he gives them, but who cares as long as they go!

  16. I absolutely love the picture of your baby holding here toothbrush! She’s so proud to brush her teeth herself! I really like Orajel’s products. I had to use them a lot back when I had braces.

  17. Such an adorable smile and well worth the work.

  18. I think you should submit picture two! This sounds like a great contest.

  19. Your little one is just too cute! I am so glad that you take care of her pretty little smile already!

  20. She is a ham! We have always been a big fan of Orajel products in our home ever since our 1st son was born 9 years ago.

  21. She is melt-your-heart adorable! I can’t say I’ve ever heard of a 1 year old going to the dentist but quite honestly you can never start good oral hygiene too early. I bet your kids will grow up to thank you in the end 🙂

  22. Maria Oller says:

    She looks so adorable, my kids love the dentist weird right but they were used to go every year since they were born and never had a problem.

  23. mine all went at 12 months to the dentist too. our pediatrician and dentist wanted them there at one year 🙂

  24. She’s adorable! She might not be ready to brush alone yet but the desire to brush is a big deal!

  25. Oh my gosh your daughter is a CUTIE!!! Love that you are teeth smart too. One thing I will never forget when I took my oldest for his first visit to the Dentist was when he said that I was brushing his teeth too hard, and often, which was wearing out my son’s enamel. I never even knew that was possible!

  26. She’s SO sweet! We’re having lots of dental issues here, so I definitely know the importance of caring for those tiny teeth, even under protest!

  27. Hurrah for smilestones. And she is adorable, pretty, sweet, scrumdiliumptious cute!

  28. She did look mad in the chair, but she won’t even remember it, plus, she’ll have nice, well taken care of teeth as the result. You’e such a good momma! I’m taking my 2-year old for his first visit next week. Wish me luck.

  29. S/he’s such a cutie! You;re doing exactly what the family dentist here told us a while ago, to start bringing children in very early.

  30. How adorable is she? We used Orajel when Josh was little too!

  31. Love your pics! I used Orajel on my daughter. It works good.

  32. So so cute! Pics are great. My kiddos love the dentist now – it took time but they do.

  33. Orajel is great stuff! It was a lifesaver for me with all three of my babies.

  34. I loved using Orajel for my little one! It always helped him so much.

  35. Oral care is so super important, what a great way to promote it!

  36. We really slacked on taking our oldest to the dentist (his first trip was right before he turned 3). With #2, we’ll go shortly after he turns 1. I love her smile in picture #2.

  37. She is so stinkin’ cute, I agree! And good for you for taking your kids to the dentist early. Good oral health is important!

  38. What a sweetie! My girls brush their teeth but we haven’t visited the dentist yet….we need to!

  39. I can’t pick one of those pics. They are all so precious!

  40. What a beautiful smile! I’m so glad she loves to brush her teeth already!

  41. How in the world will you ever choose? Your little daughter is a cutie pie extraordinaire!

  42. she’s gotten so big. what a cutie pie

  43. I think it’s a great idea to take them to the dentist early! Those are some great pearly whites!

  44. She is so precious! It is so important to start kids off with proper hygiene habits. The recommendation is to bring a child in for a first dentist visit around 12 months or a certain amount of teeth, right? It’s so great that you are setting her up for a lifetime of healthy teeth!

  45. What a cutie! She did not seem to like that dentist, can’t say I blame her! She’s got a beautiful smile!

  46. We took our son to the dentist at one as well. Never too early to plant the seeds of good oral hygiene.