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Carex Digital Pacifier Thermometer

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That first fever for a new parent is always worrisome. I remember with our first child anytime she slightly felt warm or did not seem like her normal self we were quick to take her temperature; which ended up being something I dreaded due to the fact that it had to be done rectally. When we found out we were expecting our second child we swore we would relax a little more and not go into panic mode over everything…but, then our little guy arrived 6 weeks early!   After his first two weeks were spent in the NICU, when we final made it home all of those worries we had with our daughter seemed to be looming again. We have been very lucky that for being 6 weeks early our little guy is a happy, healthy fellow; but just last week he started to experience a bout of diarrhea. In great timing the Carex Digital Pacifier Thermometer arrived that same day; so of course I decided to put it right to use!

Carex Thermometer

I have to say I was quite skeptical for a couple reasons. First, little dude has only ever liked a Soothie paci, which has a much different nipple then the Carex.  Second, even when he take his Soothie it is for less then a minute then he spits it out. I kept thinking there would be no way he would take it, let alone keep it in long enough for a reading. I was beyond shocked when he took the paci and kept it in well past the reading! It took just over 3 minutes and it was signaled by a very light beep which was great since little dude was fast asleep by this point.

We have tried other thermometers including an ear and forehead thermometer, and neither worked consistently nor did they seem to have an accurate read. I have to say my pick is now the Carex Digital Pacifier Thermometer, we are guaranteed an accurate and more importantly a comforting read! The thermometer is water resistant, so it can be cleaned, and it also recalls the last temperature taken.  I love that it comes with its own cover, making it a great diaper bag accessory too!


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