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Cabeau Midnight Magic Adjustable Sleep Mask Review

Press Sample

With the constant hustle and bustle in life, getting an adequate amount of sleep is more important than ever. If you are anything like me I can’t rest unless it is dark, really dark!! Our bedroom has always been an easy place for me to fall asleep in until recently. After bringing our Little Midnight Magic Adjustable Sleep Mas for Women and MenDude home following his two week stay in the NICU the first couple of nights we could not get him to sleep, he would become extremely fussy once in our room. After the second very sleep-deprived night of being home, my fiancé and I remembered something our nurses had warned us about….some babies in the NICU get very used to the constant noise (other babies crying, alarms going off etc..) and the lights always being on. At this point we began to wonder is he simply not sleeping because it is so dark and quiet? That night we decided to use a nightlight, which happens to be right beside my side of the bed close to his bassinet, and to our amazement Little Dude actually slept…and has continued to sleep as long as a nightlight is on! Of course we were excited that he was finally sleeping well; but, now I find myself sleeping with an arm over my eyes or my extra pillowcase fabric draped over my face to obtain some semblance of darkness so I can sleep! When the opportunity arose to review the Cabeau Midnight Magic Adjustable Sleep Mask, I could not resist!

About Cabeau

Cabeau (pronounced CAH-bo) was founded by David and Kyna Sternlight in 2009. Creatively fueled by their newfound roles as business owners, product developers, and first-time parents, the California couple decided to “keep it all in the family” and name the company after their son, Luca Beau.  Simply drop the “Lu” and you have Cabeau.

Carbeau Midnight Magic Adjustable Sleep Mask

Cabeau knows how to make travel easy by offering the most innovative travel pillows, comfort products, accessories, and on-the-go gear.  Winner of the TGA “Buzz Award” and Dr. Toy’s “Best Vacation Product” and “Best Pick” awards , Cabeau’s goal is to provide a comfortable and restful experience to commuters and jetsetters alike, transforming coach class woes into a First-Class experience.  Once you feel the difference, we hope all your adventures will be in Cabeau comfort.

At Cabeau, we understand how important it is for you to arrive at your destination fully rested and refreshed. With our unique line of travel pillows and accessories, and new innovative products on the horizon, Cabeau knows comfort and is truly transforming the way people travel.

So whether you’re headed around the world or just around the corner, all of us at Cabeau wish you safe and comfortable travels.


  • Soft Velour Interior
  • Inner Rounded Eye Liner
  • Adjustable Nose Bridge
  • Memory Foam Earplugs
  • Earplug Pocket
  • Elastic-Free Adjustable Strap

My Thoughts

I decided to try out the sleep mask the first night it arrived, I have never used a mask before so I was unsure of what to expect. Right off the bat I loved how soft the mask was! The adjustable strap is great, I still had a fair amount of space even with it at its tightest. Even though the mask contains an elastic-free adjustable strap, I will admit I was quite worried that I would wake up during the night finding my hair stuck seeing that I have long, extremely thick hair; but, I am happy to report no such thing happened! The mask was actually comfortable to

Compact and Inflatable Air Evolution

wear too!  When Cabeau states they guarantee 100% blackout, they truly mean it; you can even adjust the nose bridge of the mask if you would like some amount of light in! It even comes with a pair of memory foam earplugs along with a small pocket to store them, I have tried them on and they are very comfortable; but I have not had a need to use them otherwise. I will say the first two nights it was so great to actually sleep between nursing sessions that I would not have been able to come up with a single downfall! After wearing the mask for more than a week now, my only slight complaint is that it can become slightly warm at times.

Overall, the Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask  is truly a great product to give a try! You can purchase your own for the SRP $19.99 at They offer many other products as well; one being the Compact and Inflatable Air Evolution that I can’t wait to try out this weekend while we are on a road trip!  


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  1. Sandra VanHoey says:

    The earplugs is what I need with all the noise in the home. It is sometimes impossible and I cannot sleep until everyone else goes to bed

  2. Mary Withrow says:

    I have odd hours and trying to sleep some days seems impossible, I would love to try this. This seems to have a better area around the nose. I have horrible allergies and finding one that dont push against my nose has been hard