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A few weeks ago, I received a Buttons Diapers diaper cover (or shell) with snap-in inserts to try out with Little Miss.  diaper shells are made of two layers of wipeable PUL.  It has a double HOW-TO-webleg gussets and elastic at the back and waist to hold messes it.  It has three rise settings.  The wings do have a crossover setting, as well.

The inserts are made of four layers of micro fiber and topped with a soft layer of fleece.

The diaper is used by simply snapping the insert into the cover at both ends, after you’ve selected your rise setting.  You can double the insert to make it a nighttime diaper, and the top insert snaps into the bottom insert.

When the diaper is wet, simply unsnap the insert, wipe if necessary, and snap in a new insert.  If it’s soiled, of course you need to change the cover, too.

I chose the Pebble (grey) cover for Little Miss, because I thought it would be neutral enough to go with a variety of clothing.

Buttons Diapers

I have to say, the snaps on the cover are some of the best snaps I have encountered in our cloth diapering journey.  They are so secure, that I sometimes I have trouble un-snapping them, both at the waist and the insert snaps.

The outer layer of the diaper, though PUL, is soft.

Buttons Diaper OTB

You can see the snap bump through the PUL on the back of the diaper from time to time, but I don’t care as long as it doesn’t make Little Miss uncomfortable, and it doesn’t.

We’ve had zero leaks and zero blow outs with the Buttons Diapers system.  We started using it when Little Miss was just under 9 pounds (pictured above) and though it was a bit bulky at the thigh, it did not leak.  She’s now close to 12 pounds and though we’ve moved out a snap on the wings, and are no longer crossing over, she has PLENTY of room to grow (pictured below).

Buttons Diapers OTB 2

It has stood the test of washing multiple times and is still in link new condition, although my ring did catch a little piece of the trim and snag a single thread.

The Diapers covers retail for $11 each and are available in blue (Blueberry), white (Snow), grey (Pebble), pink (Strawberry), and green (Sweet Pea).  The inserts are $3.50 for daytime inserts (small OR large) and $5 each for nighttime inserts (small OR large).

Shop Buttons now or learn more by liking Buttons Diapers on Facebook  and watching this  Buttons Diapers YouTube Video.

Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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