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Three Major Bunk Bed Variations to Consider

Bunk beds aren’t only for young children, and they certainly aren’t uniform in style, size, or overall design.  So if you’re searching to maximize the floor space in a bedroom or dorm room, while also providing cozy sleeping arrangements for two people, you can easily find a bunk bed set that works for two young siblings or two grown men.  Not every bunk set is the right choice depending on who is using it and what the spatial requirements of the room it’s being placed in are, but the following three variations on bunks should make it simpler to choose one that’s right for you.

Twin-over-Twin Bunks

Ideal for younger children sharing a room together, twin-over-twin bunk beds have plenty of room for bodies that don’t take up much space just yet.  Since children often twin over full bunk bedspend much time playing with toys in their bedrooms, this leaves a larger amount of space available for floor play, not to mention extra storage space where dressers and toy chests can go.  Though you may need to upgrade to larger bunks if these siblings continue to share a room in the future, chances are one bunk set is all you’ll need.

Twin-over-Full Bunks

Some families really don’t have a lot of room to utilize, and siblings of vastly different ages are therefore required to share a room. Perfect for a teenager who shares a room with a grade school-aged sibling, twin-over-full bunk beds provide a larger, sturdier space for the older child, and a more than sufficient amount of space for the younger kid.  With many sets, there is also additional storage space under the lower bunk for the older child, allowing him some extra private space to store personal belongings.  This bed setup is also ideal if you have an adult guest often but have nowhere else for him to sleep other than in your child’s bedroom, as the guest can easily take the larger, lower bed without getting in the way.

Full-over-Full Bunks

Especially fit for dorm rooms and cramped apartments, two adults or older teenagers can comfortably fit in the bed space provided by full-over-full bunk beds.  Some colleges don’t supply bunk beds already, or they do but only provide long, thin bunks that aren’t best suited for all body types.  If your available bedroom or dorm room space is limited, but you still want to comfortably sleep two people in the room, full-over-full bunks are the way to go.

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    When they were both here, I would sometimes stand outside their bedroom door at night after I tucked them in and listen to their before-sleep conversations. Those are some special memories. I love how my daughter (being the older child) would counsel her younger brother).


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