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BUILT Baby Collection

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BUILT recently launched their new BUILT Baby Collection, and it is chock full of gear that trendy Moms will love!  BUILT Baby CollectionFrom mess mate bibs, to diaper bags, bottle holders, paci holders, diaper clutches, and stroller organizers, they’ve got something for every Mom on your list!   The new collection is made of Neoprene, the same material wetsuits are made of, and tested for lead safety and phthalates and are PVC-, BPA- and vinyl-free.  They are stain resistant, which is a HUGE bonus when it comes to baby gear, and clean easily.  They also come in some super cute prints!

We recently received the Bottle Buddy- One Bottle Tote (in Dribble Dots Blue) and the Mess Mate Infant Bib Set (in Baby Blue Stripe) for review.  We also received the Go-Go Diaper Clutch (in Night Damask)

The Bottle Buddy has worked out beautifully.  I toss a cold bottle into it when we leave for homeschool co-op or church, and it is still cool several hours later.  It’s nice to be able to take pre-mixed formula and not have to search for a clean water source.  🙂  I keep the Bottle Buddy hooked onto the loop of the backpack that we use as a diaper bag.  Perfecto.

BUILT single bottle holder

We are following a baby led weaning model, and Little Miss’ diet currently consists of apples, bananas, sweet potato, and carrots.  The Mess Mate Infant Bib Set has recently come in pretty handy when Sister decided we should be following a Sister led weaning method and proceeded to feed Little Miss from her own bowl of banana applesauce.

BUILT baby collection bibs

Yup, those bibs worked out real nice!

The Go-Go Diaper Clutch is large enough to fit one cloth diaper with insert and a few cloth wipes.

BUILT Go-Go Diaper Clutch

I could probably stuff two cloth diapers with inserts in there, but I haven’t tried it, as one is enough for a quick run into the grocery store or whatever.   It would likely fit 3-4 disposable diapers and a travel wipes case, if that’s how you roll.

Overall, I really like the Built Baby Collection.  Each piece demonstrates quality construction and the stitching is flawless.  Aside from the bibs, I haven’t had reason to wash any of them, but the bibs launder well.  I wash everything in cold.

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  1. Mary Schuh says:

    I love the patterns and colors! I’ll check and see if they make anything like a wet bag bigger than the Go-Go Diaper Clutch. My philosophy is “Go big or don’t leave home” when it comes to bags for my son’s stuff. P.S. We’re doing baby led weaning, too! Love it!