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Build A Bear Workshop at West County Center

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As you all know, we absolutely love Build-A-Bear Workshop.  We recently ventured out to West County Center to check out the cool new features recently installed in their store.   Mister and Sister were BEYOND ecstatic when we told them we were going to Build-A-Bear Workshop!  The West County Center location is the first of six stores that were newly redesigned, and features innovative technology in the retail environment.  The newly redesigned store allows shoppers to have a completely unique visit each and every time they visit the store, with changes made to the bear-making process and addition of interactive digital stations.

Mister quickly picked out a camouflage bear and Sister made a bee line for the My Little Pony, Rainbow Dash.  Once they had their friends secured, Mister started looking around and was the first to notice the difference between this store and others that we’ve visited.  “Mom, look, I can pick what sound I want my bear to have.  Ooooh, and look, I can add characteristics to his heart!”

Build A Bear Workshop New Features

After making a wish on his bears heart, and having him stuffed, Mister and Daddy headed over to the heart station while Sister, Little Miss, and I were in line.  As I said, Sister immediately chose Rainbow Dash, and was pleased as punch to kiss his heart heart before stuffing him.

Build A Bear Rainbow Dash

Little Miss was pleased to check out the pink and blue bear that Daddy selected for her, to be her very first Build-A-Bear.  While Mommy finished up with Mister and Sister, she took a siesta with Daddy by the colorful signage.

Build A Bear Workshop West County Center

After her siesta, she was pleased to see that her bear was sporting a Cardinals fan shirt.

Build A Bear Bear Brigade

In the naming station, Mister named his camouflage bear “Good Boy.”  He briefly considered calling him Si, but changed his mind.  Sister named her Rainbow Dash “Buddy.” I named Little Miss’ bear “Little Miss.”  Yah, creative, right?  Perhaps she’ll name it something else when she gets older.  LOL.

Mister, Sister, and Little Miss thoroughly enjoyed their day in the Bear Brigade at the Build-A-Bear at West County Center!  As we were leaving, Mister said, “Mom, can we come to this one all the time?  Well, except that we still need to go to the one at the St. Louis Science Center.”  In a few months, buddy, in a few months.  LOL

Check out our recent visit to the Build-A-Bear Workshop at St. Louis Galleria where Mister built his Black Bear named Cookie and Sister built her dog named Zip, as well as our trip to the Build-A-Bear Workshop at the St. Louis Zoo, where Mister chose a St. Louis Cardinals uniform for Cookie, and Sister built Stripe the Zebra.  As a side note, I talked with one of the store employees about Stripes recent unfortunate encounter with a can of hair spray (don’t ask).  She gave me some great tips on how to clean him, and pointed out that if I had to throw him in the washer, to be sure to avoid the dryer so his stuffing didn’t melt.  SO glad I asked first!

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  1. I love Build-A-Bear Workshop! We walked by it several times at the Mall of America, and I really can’t wait until my son’s a little older so he can pick out his own bear. I’ve built a bear with my nephews a few times and they always love it. It’s neat to hear that they’ve made it even more interactive.

  2. Stefanie G says:

    They recently closed the nearest build a bear to me before I could get my little one there. I’m thinking that itjust might be worth the drive now!

  3. Jaimie Adams says:

    What a fun store! My daughter loves visiting but our closest store is at least an hour away. She would love to have a visit there again soon! Thanks for the review!

  4. Maria Iemma says:

    Build A Bear is a magical store – my grandkids love to go there and browse and of course I have bought them each a bear to love. I think my daughter is planning to have a birthday party there.

  5. Vanessa Wille says:

    I have walked by the Build-A-Bear store in the mall on numerous occasions. It looked so overwhelming! I’ve never taken my three year old son, but after reading your review and the others’ blog posts, it looks fun. Thanks!

  6. They look like they had a lot of fun! We took my son there for the first time last month and he loved it!!

  7. I have a soft spot for Build a Bear especially when they put the heart in!

  8. They have the cutest things at their store. I love browsing

  9. Heather Smith says:

    Their creations are adorable…and so are your littles! Especially love that My Little Pony!

  10. Jamie Brigham says:

    Thank you for asking the question about cleaning as I never did and was wondering what to do. My son has the black and tan monkey and he spilled Hawaiian punch on him. I have found that the animals hold up fantastically and that they always have new ones which are cuter than the last set. Going in there gets quite expensive for me.

  11. You never outgrow Build-a-bear. A while back, when my friend was moving across the country, I made a bear that looked her and a bear that looked like me. I gave her my mini-me bear and kept hers so that we always had it to remind us that, no matter what, we had a friend.

  12. These are the cutest and kids really enjoy putting them together from start to finish and picking out cute outfits for them

  13. Debbie ritenour says:

    It looks like your family had a blast! We love Build A Bear Workshop too, especially the little heart you put on your animal after you make a special wish!

  14. Tom Lester says:

    These bears are so cute and original, so many different combinations!

  15. Michael Lambert says:

    My daughter loves Build a Bear. Every year we get my daughter a animal made on her birthday.