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Bringing Outdoor Movies Back- Part 2

As I mentioned in Part 1, my husband’s summer project has been to design and build an outdoor theater for our backyard.  After designing the structure for the screen, and making a few trips to the hardware store, he spent several evenings in the garage measuring and cutting PVC pipe, and using his Dremel to cut through the wall of the PVC create bolt holes and what not, then grind and smooth the edges of his cuts.

Once he had the basic frame cut and all the pieces smoothed, we erected the frame and screen in the back yard to see if it was workable.  The screen looked great (he sewed it himself!), and the structure was the right size, and would work perfectly if there were no wind.  However, with the bottom of the PVC pipe just sitting over some rebar, we could both envision disaster if a stiff wind blew during movie night.

outdoor movie screenoutdoor movie screen

He was back to the drawing board to figure out how to make the base of the frame a little steadier.

Following one of his afternoons in the garage working on the PVC pipe and the like, he came in for dinner and said, “I’m going to need a new Dremel.”  He has used his Dremel 300 Seriesfor years, and it finally quit working.  He was very fond of his Dremel and it had been well loved used.   I felt pretty bad for him, because I know how much he used that thing, and I also know that I gave my Dremel (which I had used for woodworking) away when we got married, because he already had one of his own.   If I had kept mine, he would have had a backup.

We decided that we would replace it with the same model, as it had lived a good long life.  After he went to bed, I did a few hours worth of research, and contacted a Dremel rep to inquire about reviewing a Dremel 300 Series.  I was extremely excited when the rep responded that they would, indeed, like to work with me and offered to send the Dremel 4000 for review.

When the new Dremel came in, he couldn’t wait to use it.  The theater project had been on hold pending it’s arrival.

Dremel; Dremel 4000; Rotary ToolDremel; Dremel 4000; Rotary ToolDremel; Dremel 4000; Rotary ToolDremel; Dremel 4000; Rotary Tool

With the new Dremel in hand, he set about to create a base to be added to the foot of the screen frame.

Dremel; Dremel 4000; Rotary Tooloutdoor movie screenoutdoor movie screenoutdoor movie screen

Hubs said that he really liked the Dremel 4000 and would definitely recommend it to others.  A few of the things he mentioned that he likes about the Dremel 4000 are:

  • It is lightweight
  • It had minimal vibration while in use
  • It could be used with Dremel accessories he already owns
  • It is versatile and can be used on everything from wood to PVC to metal
  • It is comfortable to hold and easy to manage

With the new frame stabilizer feet, our first outdoor movie night as a family is sure to be a success, even if October produces a few windy nights, as it is known to do!

I can’t wait until we start having Movie Nights with friends over next month, too!

The Dremel 4000, as well as the Dremel 300, can be purchased at local har
dware stores as well as on Now, if I could just get him to get a Dremel Trio, I could start adding to the honey do list…

Check out Dremel on Facebook and Twitter for brand updates and project tips and suggestions.

Disclosure- Dremel provided me a complimentary Dremel 4000 to facilitate this review.  All opinions express are those of myself and my husbands and reflect our own experiences.  Your experiences may differ.

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Now this is funny because just yesterday I bought a new mailbox and when I went to bring the number stickers to my boyfriend who was installing it, I saw the Dremel case on the ground. I have no idea what he used it for, but it worked because I’ve got a brand spanking new mailbox to show for it!

  2. Being able to use it with your existing access. is good.

  3. thats really cool, wish our yard was big enough for that kind of setup