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Bra Maid

Let me talk to you for a minute about my bra woes.  I have a hard time finding a good bra.  Finding a good bra, that fits right, is not easy.  Finding a good bra, that fits right AND is Bra Maidpretty, is next to impossible.  For some reason, my size is not the one that is most commonly found in the big box stores.

When I do find a bra in *my size*, it typically isn’t cheap and it is most commonly in boring shades of beige, white, or black.  Which means when I do find bras on the rack, in *my size*, and in pretty colors I snatch them up and do a little dance I stock up and I try to take good care of them.  I don’t want them getting all mashed up, tangled, and ruined in the wash!

When I first heard of the Bra Maid Kit, I was intrigued.  I want my pretty’s to last as long as possible BECAUSE they are hard to find!  Anything I can do to extend the life of my pretty’s is worth a try, right?  The Bra Maid Ball is made of Polypropylene resin and is designed to protect your bra throughout the entire wash cycle and help it retain its shape ( it be comfortable and supportive) longer.

When I received the Bra Maid for review, I couldn’t wait to put it to the test.  Bra Maid Washer BallBra Maid Review

I grabbed the Bra Maid Ball and headed to the laundry room.  The Bra Maid is designed to wash one bra at a time, and you are supposed to fasten the bra band in front of the cups, with the inside of the cups exposed, then place the bra in the Bra Maid with the inside of the bra cups facing up.  Then you put the exclusive floating scrubbing ball in, to clean bra cups from the inside, and fasten the ball.  Finally, you toss it in the wash with all your other stuff.  No more hand washing or gentle cycle required.

Bra Maid is available in pink or purple and is designed to fit bras up to size 38D.  I wear a 36DD (eek, I can’t believe I just put that out there).  In all honesty, *my size* is 34DDD/E, but try finding one of THOSE on the rack,  It ain’t gonna happen.  Finding the 36DD is nearly impossible, and like I said, they are rarely pretty. Special ordering bra’s in my size is expensive, so I use the “sister size.”  As you see, with the under wires of the 36DD, it is a snug fit in the Bra Maid.  I barely got away with washing the DD cup in the Bra Maid, and would not suggest that you try a DDD/E cup in it.  It isn’t designed for that.  LOL.

Bra Maid KitMy bra came out of the wash without any of the usual dents in it, which meant I could hang it to dry without having to reshape it and smooth it out.  SCORE.   Bra Maid also comes with a lingerie bag that you can wash your matching intimates in.

Bra Maid graciously provided the above product for review.  I was originally planning to do the review separate from the Baby Shower Gift Guide, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be perfect for a new Mom. especially a nursing one.  Nursing Moms have to use nursing bras, and those aren’t cheap, either!  From what I’ve read, nursing Moms are generally told to have three nursing bras on hand: one in the wash, one to wear, and one in the drawer.  I think the two not worn should be protected, right?  What do you think? I spoke with Bra Maid, and they have offered to supply one lucky winner with two Bra Maid’s (US Only) in the upcoming Baby Shower Bonanza Giveaway!

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  1. OMG I need one od these! My bras start at $45 and they are constantly snapping the underwire.

  2. I, too, am very limited with my bras. I can wear exactly two brands–Elomi and Cacique, neither is cheap. I always snap the underwire and I cry just a little bit each time.

  3. You’re not kidding about sizing, etc. Try wearing a 28DDD and needing a nursing option! When will American bra manufacturers get a clue?!

    (But, FYI, the actual size of a cup goes down each time the band goes up. So a 34C has the same size cups as a 32D. Just in case anyone was wondering if their bras should fit in this nifty doohickie. If your cup size is bigger than a D, but your band size is smaller than 38, it still might fit.)

  4. Molly Bussler says:

    This would save on my bras, they get snagged in the washer.

  5. Nice.. I use a mesh bag now, but this would be much better.

  6. I can’t believe I have never heard of this product before! Would love this!

  7. This looks great! One of my go-to bras has a groove in it and I can’t wear it with form fitting shirts anymore….I bet this would’ve prevented that! I wonder if I could successfully reshape it when it’s wet….I know dry doesn’t do anything.