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The Borg had Internet, Right?

One of my favorite shows as a kid was Star Trek- The Next Generation.  I was enamored with Captain Jean-Luc Picard and thought he was pretty stellar.  I loved the way Picard would say, “make it so,” and it was.  I think I liked Picard because he was both highly moral and highly intelligent.  He never seemed to demonstrate any 100px-Borg_insigniadifficulty between what was right, and what had to be done.  Aside from Captain Picard, IMHO, what made The Next Generation so amazing was The Borg.


“We are the Borg.  Lower your shields and surrender your ships.  We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.  Your culture will adapt to service us.  Resistance is futile.”  Only the most sophisticated of content management software could have been employed to gather all that biological and technological distinctiveness to their own.

"You will be assimilated"

The cybernetics, which I’m sure included virtual marketing automation, that resulted in the collective consciousness, was pure genius.

The Borg had internet, right? 

There is simply no way the Unicomplex could have functioned without some form of space and web traffic analysis.  All those Borg cubes crossing into and out of the Unicomplex, using transwarp conduits, on their way to other parts of the galaxy had to have up to the nanosecond information in order to avoid intergalactic disaster. image

My favorite Borg, aside from the assimilated Picard, was of course, the Queen.

We all know that no true individual Borg’s existed, since they were all linked into the hive mind, via Omniture no doubt.  But, the Queen was different.  I think she was beautiful.

Perhaps the near bald pate is why I liked her so much.

That, or the fact that she was the ultimate expression of Borg’ality.  She was near perfect.  That is, until her organics were liquefied.

What was your favorite thing about Star Trek?  What was your favorite series?  Original?  The Next Generation?



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  1. You are as geeky as my husband!

    You kinda remind me of the queen!!!! 🙂 <3<3 hehe

    Great post!

  2. Oh Virginia…you totally made my geeky day! I liked Voyager the best but The Next Generation is up there as well!

  3. We are going through Netflix right now watching enterprise. Not as good as voyager or next generation, but still good. 🙂

  4. We have been watching Voyager on Netflix lately, and will probably go through Next Generation when we are done.

  5. Love the borg, they’ve always been my favorite episodes. Love Data too.

  6. Oh I had a crush on Wesley! TNG and Voyager are the ones I enjoyed watching. I miss those shows!

  7. Your comment about the Queen made me laugh! 🙂