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BooBoo by Olivier Dunrea

Another favorite of Sister’s is a book about a curious blue gosling, called BooBoo, that likes to eat.


BooBoo is one of a series of books by Olivier Dunrea about cute and quirky goslings.  Aside from authoring well-loved children’s books, Olivier Dunrea, is a painter and a sculptor.  Gossie & Friends, the gaggle of tales about cute and quirky goslings, began in 2001 when Dunrea sat staring out his studio window as Canada geese flew overhead.  As he sat sketching them, he started drawing them wearing red rubber boots, a pair of which sat on his bookshelf.  Thus, Gossie was born, as well as her friends.  BooBoo is one of them.

BooBoo the gosling likes to eat from morning to night and thinks everything is “good food.”

Well, almost everything.

Age Level: 3 and up

Series: Gossie & Friends

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company

We first met BooBoo at the local library, and Sister fell in love.  The book is simple, with just a few sentences per page.  The illustrations are cute and colorful.  Most importantly, it is FUN and FUNNY.   In the story, BooBoo eats different things and then says, “Good Food.”  She learns, however, that not everything makes good food.

Sister goes into panic mode if she can’t find her BooBoo.  And if someone else picks up her BooBoo, she says, “Hey, that’s my BooBoo.  BooBoo’s a gusling.”  It’s funny.

Hubs had adopted BooBoo’s simple phrase of “Good Food” to give his approval to different things.  “Good Food,” said BooBoo he’ll say after a meal.  Or, “Good show,” said BooBoo after a television show.  He’s cute and funny, too.

BooBoo gets 5 out of 5 stars around here!

Gossie & Friends books are available on Amazon as boardbooks, hardback books, and for your Kindle, too!

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