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Bonnet Blankies- The Blankie with a heart

Do you have a child that is attached to their blanket?  I do, and there are times when I don’t want to drag Sister’s blanket wherever we are going.  So, when I had the opportunity to review an amazing little blanket, called Bonnet Blankies, I just had to do it.  I thought at worst, Sister would reject it and I could use it as a shower gift.  At best, we could use it as our car blankie, so we wouldn’t have to worry about losing the bigger one that she sleeps with.

About the Bonnet Blankies

On January 22, 2008 in the city of Milford, Ohio, Mike Martinelli’s house caught on fire. He sustained third degree burn injuries to 35% of his body and severe smoke inhalation damage to his lungs. After nearly 4 weeks of care in the burn unit at University of Cincinnati Hospital, he passed away at the age of 30. Mike was a special person who gave everything and never expected anything in return. His love for his three nieces was indescribable; they were his pride and joy. Uncle Mike enjoyed spending most of his free time with them and even called them, “his babies.” He had a huge impact on them and to this day it carries on.

After his death, Mandy and John Hull (Mike’s sister and brother-in-law) cut out a portion of Uncle Mike’s nieces’ baby blankets, sewed them together and placed them in his hands inside his casket so that he could lay to rest forever attached to his nieces. The empty space in their blankets was replaced with fabric from one of Uncle Mike’s favorite T-shirts. His three little girls spontaneously started wearing the blankets as hats because it freed their hands to play while always keeping the security of their blanket nearby. “Our children not only grew attached to the blankies, but they were able to forever carry a piece of their uncle with them,” commented Mike’s sister Mandy.

“We have received so many compliments on the girls’ blankies that we decided to offer this awesome baby product to other children. Bonnet Blankies™ would not have been possible without Uncle Mike,” John said.

In honor and remembrance of Mike Martinelli and for his constant unselfish giving to others, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Bonnet Blankies will be donated to the Cincinnati Shriner’s Hospital for Children™ in Mike Martinelli’s name. Mike would have wanted children with burn injuries to have an opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life. Mike’s name will live on forever, and his work in helping others will hopefully continue through Bonnet Blankies™.

Product Description…

The Bonnet Blankies are about 17 inches by 22 inches (finished) with a two inch hem around the edges.  One side is silky feeling and the other side has a soft minky feel.  The “bonnet” is a soft stretchable fabric that can fit over babies crown as a cap and is in one corner of the blanket.  That corner edge is sewn back up onto the blanket so that the corner doesn’t poke baby in the eye. 

What I thought…

We received the Bonnet Blankie in Mint Chocolate Chip, which is a soft mint green and brown.  One side is brown with mint green polka dots.  The reverse is mint green minky material.  The bonnet is brown.  I thought the blanket was well made.  The seems are finished and no straggler fibers were noted.  More importantly, though, is what Sister thought of the Bonnet Blankie. 




Yep, I think we have a winner!  Notice she is chewing on the Bonnet Blankie instead of her paci.  I think this may come in handy when the time comes to wean the pacifier. 

Bonnet Blankies would make a perfect Baby Shower, Birthday, or Christening gift. 

What I would change…

The only thing I would even dream about changing about the Bonnet Blankies would be to perhaps offer them in two sizes, the one currently available and a bigger one.  Sister really likes the Bonnet Blankie, but sometimes wants the feel of dragging her usual blanket behind her. 

How I rate it:

Lady V dZine gives the Bonnet Blankies a fantastic five out of five hearts!


Where you can buy it…

Bonnet Blankies are available at

More from the creator of Bonnet Blankies…

Bonnet Blankies is making room for new colors and patterns. All Bonnet Blankies are just $11.99 plus shipping! But only while quantities last. This is the PERFECT time to get a gift for a friend or loved one!

Be blessed,


Lady V dZine

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