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Boardwalk Hardwood Floors

Remember the Kempas hardwood flooring sample I showed you in my Preparing for Home Remodel post? We found it when we visited Boardwalk Hardwood Floors,  a hardwood flooring center with three locations in the St. Louis Metro area (Crestwood, St. Peters, and Manchester, MO), that our contractor recommended.

We had visited the big box stores for flooring samples, but were having a hard time choosing a floor based off the four by two inch samples that we brought home.  KWIM?  After collecting more than thirty different flooring samples from the big box stores, we mentioned our frustration to Ken, and he suggested we view the selection at Boardwalk Hardwood Floors.  So, we headed over to the St. Peters location to have a look see.

Boardwalk Hardwood Floors

At Boardwalk Hardwood Floors, customers can select from a variety of factory finished or unfinished hardwood flooring in their showroom.  Boardwalk Hardwood Floors started out, in 1997, as a small Do-It-Yourself hardwood flooring store and has since become one of the largest hardwood flooring companies in the St. Louis area.
boardwalk hardwood floors selectionlarge hardwood floors selection

I can certainly understand why!  Talk about selection!  It is a veritable smorgasbord of floors!  They carry everything from American Cherry to Brazillian Walnut with MANY options in between.

When we said we wanted something in a reddish color, with in a certain price range, we were shown exactly that.  No pushy salesman (score) and no hard sales tactics (double score).  I loved that it was so easy to see what flooring options they have available and we weren’t distracted by lots of other products.  I also appreciated the generous sized flooring samples, that you can check out, to see if the floor you think looks good in the store actually looks right in your home.

Kempas flooring

Once we brought the Kempas Natural sample home, and toured the house with it, we were sold.  The funny thing was, Hubs and I had floor samples (from the big box stores) that we each liked, but couldn’t agree on ONE for the house.  When we put the four by two samples we each liked on the Kempas Natural sample, we saw that it contained all of our favorites.  YEAH!  We both win!

We had the pleasure of working directly with the owner, Greg Blanke, as the store manager was on vacation and Greg was filling in.  He was cordial, professional, and knew his stuff.

Greg Blanke owner of Boardwalk Hardwood Flooring

Greg started the company because he felt the need for a St. Louis based company that not only sold hardwood flooring, but also took the time to educate the customer on the product, proper installation, refinishing options, and proper care and maintenance of hardwood floors.  Sure, you can buy hardwood at the big box stores, but your relationship ends at the register.

Boardwalk Hardwood Flooring not only carries everything you would need (floors, molding, vents, sanders, polyurethane, etc, etc) for your flooring project, but they also teach weekly installation and refinishing seminars and even rent professional installation tools to their customers, so you don’t HAVE to buy your own!  As hardwood flooring specialists, they have the ability to walk you step by step through your project if you do it yourself, or can recommend quality installers if you’d prefer to let someone else put in the elbow grease.

I was so excited to have the hardwood flooring delivered!

Hardwood Flooring Delivered

Not half as excited, I am certain, as I will be to see the back of the installers van leaving when they finish up.  LOL.

I would heartily recommend Boardwalk Hardwood Flooring to ANYONE interested in doing hardwood floors in a room, or in the whole house.  Their customer service is top notch and their pricing can’t be beat!

Check out the Boardwalk Hardwood Flooring website to see some of their selection.  Like Boardwalk Hardwood Flooring on Facebook and follow Boardwalk Hardwood Flooring on Twitter for updates on their specials and more.

***Contractor discount received to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own, and I seriously LOVE this company!***

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. V – I can’t wait to see the finished product ! I need hardwoods in my whole house. I’m just buying my time untl the dirt magnet graduates high school lol ! Congrats on your new floors.