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Blowing Raspberries

blowing raspberries

What is it about blowing raspberries, one of the earliest attempts at baby play,  that puts a smile on the face of adults and children alike?

And continues to put a smile there for decades on end?

My Mom delighted in teaching both of my children to blow raspberries, right about the same time I was teaching them to eat baby cereal from a spoon.  Of course, they thought mealtime was the perfect time to employ their new found talent, since it resulted in the biggest effect.  Oddly enough, I am the only one that saw a problem with baby food, spoons, and raspberries.  MESSY.  LOL.

Mom helped nearly everyone of her twenty-something grandchildren to reach this developmental milestone at around the same age, which induced much glee for both baby and Granny (and laundry for Mommy).

Fortunately, they haven’t figured out (yet) how closely the sound resembles flatulence, because we all know that would only increase the raspberry blowing.   Even still, I just can’t help but crack up when either of my kids commences with the raspberry blowing.  Whether they are blowing them at me, or blowing them on each other’s belly, I have to laugh.

Because some things are just funny, and never grow old!

Which form of baby play put the biggest smile on your face?  Does it still?

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  1. love blowing raspberries! My 18 month old cracks me up everyday

  2. She is such a doll, love when they blow raspberries.

  3. she is precious. I always loved when they started doing that. There is just something sweet about it 😉