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Blow Flowers

My kids love picking “blow flowers.”  They had a blast when we found a patch of them recently…

girl picking dandelions

girl blowing dandeliongirl with bouquet of dandelions

boy picking dandelions

boy blowing dandelionboy with dandelion bouquet

That is, until they all blew away.  I couldn’t resist taking these two pictures of Sister after her dandelions blew away.  She had set them down, carefully, when we went to the bathroom, but when she picked them up afterward, they all blew away.  She looks like she just played “He loves me He loves me not,” and came up with a “Not.”

dandelion bouquet

Poor girl.

he loves me he loves me not

She recovered pretty quickly, though, when I told her there would always be more blow flowers.

Do you enjoy blow flowers?

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  1. She looks so broken hearted! I love those photos though.

  2. Sweet pictures 🙂

    While I am still tempted to blow dandelion seeds, I stop myself & pluck them up in my palm, so I don’t get even more of them darn things in my lawn.