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Bitty Baby

Press Sample;

When I thought about what baby doll to get Little Miss and Sister for Christmas, I immediately knew I wanted to get them a Bitty Baby from American Girl.

Bitty Baby Doll

A doll is just a doll, you might say. But I would beg to differ. The Bitty Baby dolls are perfect for little girls who like to play Mommy.  They inspire imagination,  and they come in 11 combinations of skin, hair, and eye color,  so you can get the baby that your child will most enjoy.
Bitty Baby dolls are 15 inch dolls and are recommended for ages 3+, because of the tie string in the dolls neck, so Little Miss won’t be able to play with hers for awhile. I wanted to have it on hand, though, because I don’t want any squabbles between her and Sister when it comes to dolls.  I chose the Bitty Baby with dark skin, textured black hair, and brown eyes for Little Miss and the Bitty Baby with Light skin, dark brown hair, and brown eyes for Sister.

bitty baby dark skin hair eyes bitty baby light skin brown hair eyes

Each Bitty Baby arrives with:

  • A white sleeper with scattered pink stars and a mock-wrap neckline trimmed with a ribbon ruffle
  • A soft cloth diaper
  • A hardcover Bitty Baby and Me picture book that brings her story to life
  • A sparkly wishing star, just like the one from her book
The new Bitty Baby picture-book collection, brought to life by Newbery Honor Award author Kirby Larson and award-winning illustrator Sue Cornelison, follows a little girl and her beloved Bitty Baby doll as they discover the world around them. The heartwarming tales encourage curiosity, generosity, confidence, and kindness. Each book includes a “For Parents” section that focuses on the social and emotional experience of preschoolers and offers parents tips to help their little girls become more confident, patient, and independent.   Bitty Baby also now has story-themed play sets based on bedtime, travel, mealtime, and other activities to encourage imaginative play.American Girl products are known for their quality, and these are dolls that my girls will love for a very long time!Like American Girl on Facebook for all the latest happenings.
This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. These little dolls look so cute!

  2. Aww how cute are they?! I love that there is a book to go along.

  3. We love American Girl dolls in our house and the Bitty Baby dolls are so adorable too. I love the different hair and eye color combos.

  4. Aww… how adorable!! Those little bitty baby dolls are awesome! I love that they could be personalized! I can’t wait until my daughter is older to get one for her. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Those are very cute. And it looks like she is enjoying it!

  6. I may have to get this for my niece for Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

  7. we have much love for all things american girl in our house. in case you didn’t know, baby vicks removes the eyelid coloring on the dolls. my then 6 year old tested that theory. it’s proven. just trust me.

    what i love most about AG stuff is how durable they are and how they just stay the same no matter how much play time they get!!!

  8. That is such a cute doll for an adorable baby!

  9. We love the Bitty Baby dolls here.

  10. Dolls sure have come along way since I played with them, or even since Lauren played with them 25 years ago! These are wonderful!!

  11. how cute! I love the size, I didn’t know they made them for smaller children. Good to know because my 4 year old daughter would ruin the more expensive ones. Thanks!

  12. Oh, those dolls look so cute! I have to get one for my daughter! I’m sure she would love one.

  13. BOTH babies are really cute! 🙂

  14. We have several American girls. These are too cute. I love their products.

  15. I can’t wait until I take my daughter to American Girl – my sister-in-law is even coming up from Texas to take part in this ritual!

  16. American GIrl is a great doll company. Isa has two. They both have taken a trip to the American Girl Hospital for serious injuries. One had a finger cut off…Isa was pretending to cut her nails and she cut off her dolls finger. 🙂 Thanks for the post….made me laugh when I thought about Isa’s dolls.

  17. My granddaughter wants an American Girl Doll so badly for Christmas!! Hope Santa can make her happy….she is such a good girl!! 😉

  18. Awwww I’ve seen these dolls and my princess has been bugging to get one…what a great review.. I may add it to her Christmas list.. Thanks for sharing

  19. We bought my niece a bitty baby, and she loves it!!

  20. I love Bitty Babies I actually have 1 for my 13 mos old daughter..

  21. ADORABLE – I want the Bitty Twins for my 4 year old!

  22. I have never heard of these dolls before, I think it’s cool that you can customize them.

  23. Oh, we love Bitty Baby in our house. Even 3 years later, my daughter still plays with her all the time.

  24. My daughter loves Bitty Baby….she’s always bragging about her!