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Best Laid Plans #weighinwednesday

Do you know the old idiom of the “best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray”? Last week I posted that I was on my way out the door to go to the gym to work out with my best friend… I arrive at the gym, with my three kidlets in tow, and sit on the couch to wait for the gym child care lady to arrive.  After she arrived, she proceeded to enter the child care area to clean it.  When she came out, she looked at Little Miss, looked at me, and said, “She can’t come in here.”  Say what?

say what

She proceeded to tell me that children under the age of one are not permitted in the childcare area, and that they have to be “one and walking” to come in.  That restriction was NOT mentioned to me when I purchased my membership and paid for the entire year in advance, and I told her that.  She responded that whoever signed me up should have known better, and she would not allow Little Miss in the childcare area.  Of course, the chap responsible for signing me up was standing at the counter looking shamefaced.  I had specifically asked about child care during the sign up and he told me that child care was $1/child/hour and available M-W-F from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  It would cost me $36/month—in addition to my membership fee—to put my kidlets in the childcare.  It was worth it, to me, though because I would get to work out with my best friend.  I informed him that I would be cancelling my membership and wanted a refund.

After some discussion as to whether or not I was eligible for a refund – since it was past the “one week cancellation period” – they agreed to refund my money because a) it was their duty to inform me of the restriction and they didn’t, and b) there had been a major snowstorm which prevented us from coming to the gym before the one week cancellation date had elapsed.  no gym for you

***note- I added the graphics and the “no gym for you” text, as well as blacked out their banking information.***

I’m not going to lie, the most exercise I got this week was taking my kids for a walk around the neighborhood.  I briefly *thought* about putting in The 30 Day Shred DVD, but the mere thought of it made my body hurt.  That being said, I still somehow managed to lose a pound, shave 0.2 off my BMI, and drop my BFI to 38.

scale and omron 012214

I also lost 3/4 inch from my bust, 1/4 inch from my waist, an inch from my hips, and a half inch from each thigh.  An inch from my hips?  Woot woot!

measurement tracker 012214

All of that with some serious emo inspired carb binging in the last week.  Oh, and while I somehow managed to get my 3 glasses of water a day in, I didn’t force myself to do more.

Hubs and I have spent quite a bit of time in the last week trying to find a different gym for me to go to.  We’re leaning toward Gold’s Gym, because child care is included.  For just a bit more annually than what the other place would have cost me with childcare, Hubs and I can both join.  Just have to wait for my refund check to clear, so we can go do it.

This next week, I am hoping to get some meal plans laid out for the next month or so, with lower calorie dinners.  I do well throughout the day, then sabotage the day with my dinner, so I am thinking of changing my eMeals plan to the new 500 calorie plan or to a Paleo or Clean eating plan.  Which would you choose?

How was your week?

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