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Beaver Dam

We were driving home one day, when suddenly Mister said, “Mom, look!  It’s a beaver dam.”

Skeptically, I allowed my gaze to follow where he pointed.  Beaver Dam

“Well, I’ll be!” I said, “It is a beaver dam.”

“Will you take a picture?” he asked.

So, I pulled over and snapped a couple of pictures with my Canon ELPH, which I keep in my purse for moments such as these.

Beaver Dam

When I got back in the van, I asked, “Hey buddy, how did you know that was a beaver dam?  We haven’t talked about those in school yet.”

“I learned about them on Wild Animal Baby Explorers,” he said.  “Benita is a beaver, and her house is a beaver dam.  Did you know beavers can swim? and they are great builders?”

It amazes me the things he remembers!  Sponges.  Children are like sponges, I tell ya, they absorb everything!

Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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