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Beaver Dam

We were driving home one day, when suddenly Mister said, “Mom, look!  It’s a beaver dam.”

Skeptically, I allowed my gaze to follow where he pointed.  Beaver Dam

“Well, I’ll be!” I said, “It is a beaver dam.”

“Will you take a picture?” he asked.

So, I pulled over and snapped a couple of pictures with my Canon ELPH, which I keep in my purse for moments such as these.

Beaver Dam

When I got back in the van, I asked, “Hey buddy, how did you know that was a beaver dam?  We haven’t talked about those in school yet.”

“I learned about them on Wild Animal Baby Explorers,” he said.  “Benita is a beaver, and her house is a beaver dam.  Did you know beavers can swim? and they are great builders?”

It amazes me the things he remembers!  Sponges.  Children are like sponges, I tell ya, they absorb everything!

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  1. While walking around the lake near our home, I’ve heard adults see a beaver and comment, “Oh my God! Look at that big rat!”

  2. That is so cool that you got to see a beaver dam! It is amazing how much kids absorb though eh?

  3. April Decheine says:

    Your son is so darn cute!

  4. That is awesome!

  5. I can’t decide which is cooler….the fact that you snapped the picture or that he knew what it was.

  6. That’s awesome he knew what it was and y’all got to see that.

  7. That’s the first Beaver Dam that I’ve ever seen…really.

  8. Such an observant little guy 😉

  9. kids are amazing! they do remember the oddest things 🙂

  10. That’s great that he knew what it was. Since beavers ruined the creek on my in-law’s farm my kids know all about beavers. My inlaws had to call someone and have the beavers relocated.

  11. Aww, that is so cool! Beavers are such neat animals!

  12. How cool! We see them from time to time around here… it is neat to see.

  13. that is really cool! And yes, I am always amazed at what facts my children pull out at the oddest moments!

  14. that’s so cool!

  15. It’s amazing the things they pick up and remember.

  16. what a smart little guy. I would have never caught that!

  17. Laura Jacobson says:

    haha…yep. Kids can remember so much that we dont think they would. Smart boy! Oh…and the beaver dam is so beautiful! I just love nature! Our local zoo has a beaver dam where there is windows to see inside and cameras. So neat to see the inside. They sure are hard workers those beavers!