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Beauty Blooms

For the last couple of days, Brian and I have been discussing spring gardening and debating about what we should plant out front, since we just had the side walk redone.   So, on Monday, I spent some time browsing the garden aisles of the local hardware store, while he picked up some red mulch.  He found a few flowers that he liked for the front of the flower bed, but said he wants something taller to go behind them.

So, on Tuesday, we were driving down a local street, when a bush jumped right out and grabbed my attention.  Of course, the bush did not actually uproot itself and spring toward me, but the beauty of it’s blooms had me turning the van around immediately so that I could go back and ask the homeowner what type of plant it was.

It was an azalea.  An evergreen Azalea to be exact, and oh, was it gorgeous!

Then, on Wednesday, I took the kids to Missouri Botanical Gardens.  We had a lot of fun, as you can see, and beauty was in full bloom… 

IMG_4909 IMG_4916IMG_4921


All of the beauty blooming around me sparked a web crawl looking for great deals on seeds, bulbs, and everything else needed to make my lawn dazzle like the lawns of the MoBot Gardens. 

I did find some great deals on a Hosta Mix, White Trillium, and Red Astilbe at Henry Fields Seed and Nursery, and am hoping to be able to take advantage of the Henry Field’s Seed and Nursery Coupons that I found on my web crawl.  Since our house is a pale cream yellow, Brian wants to use red flowers for curb appeal.  I think adding the Trillium and Astilbe would be the perfect solution.  And the Hosta’s would go around the tree on the front lawn.  Since the roots are breaking the surface, we had to cover an almost eight foot diameter area with the red mulch (it took 8 bags!).  I have a few Hosta’s around the tree already, but would love to add more.

Is beauty blooming around you?  Have you caught any pictures of it?  I would love to see them.  Leave me a link and I will drop by.

Be blessed,


Lady V dZine

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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