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Bathroom Shelf Project

Until today, we had a pearl nickel over the tank space saver, by Zenith, in our master bathroom. 

over the tank space saver

I like it, but I think the space could be better utilized, so I asked Hubs to install new shelves, the kind that go on the rails.  Like the ones he installed in the laundry room.

diy shelves

(Yah, I know, I need to organize the ones in the laundry room a little better)

So, this morning, we headed out to Lowes to pick up the rails, brackets, and shelves to install in the bathroom. 

diy shelf project

He got started right away…

diy shelf

And in no time at all, I had new bathroom shelves…

diy shelves


There is even enough room that I can add a fifth shelf at the top, if I want.  I am trying to decide if I want to do that, or if I want to store the extra toilet paper up there.  LOL.

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. We used to have one of those over the toilet shelves until hubby spent the day up to his arm pit in the toilet over a “hidden” tube of tooth paste. And it was my fault. (he didn’t even gripe at me over it lol) I’m sure it goes without saying he got rid of the shelf and we now lack space.
    As a matter of fact our bathroom lacks A LOT! I would LOVE to redo the bathroom to at least make it more useful AS a bathroom.

    Loving those shelves!

  2. Hubby did an amazing job on the shelves, make it more open. Thanks for sharing.