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Bath Tub Fun With The Tubby Table!

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Children and parents love the calming effects of water play. Tubby Table Toys, Inc. created the Tubby Table to take the stress out of bath time by ensuring your child’s water play stays in the tub and off the bathroom floor. Developed for children by moms with twins, the Tubby Table engages children ages 18 months & up with 5 multi-colored, numbered and shaped cups, a surface to play on and hours of endless fun.

Miss A has always loved water and until recently loved bath time; but lately is seems like we have to do a fair amount of coaxing to actually get her in the tub since she knows bedtime follows shortly after. When the opportunity came along to review Tubby Table I was overjoyed, hoping this would bring some excitement back into bath time! When the package arrived, Miss A immediately asked “What’s that?”, at which I explained that it is something fun for bath time. Once I pulled the Tubby Table box out, she could not contain herself! She blurted out “Oh my goodness Ma!!” It was by far the cutest thing I have heard from a 22 month old!

 What is a Tubby Table?

Tubby Table in bath

The Tubby Table is the perfect solution for entertaining kids in the bathtub and keeping the water off the floor. The Tubby Table provides a play surface in the middle of the bathtub for children to play with their own toys, or to play with the removable shaped cups on the table’s surface.

  • Educational: teaches colors, shapes and numbers
  • Helps children develop fine motor skills
  • 5 removable cups for bath time fun, pouring and stacking
  • Two kids can play together in the bathtub
  • Suction cup holds the Tubby Table to the bottom of your bathtub
  • Non-slip bathtub mat included for your child to sit on
  • Children can use their own favorite bath toys to playPerfect gift for child’s first birthday
    • Have a tea party with a favorite princess doll
    • Drive cars and trucks through the soap bubbles
    • Make “soapy soup” with their plastic cups and bowls

After dinner and some playtime my fiancé, Cristian, set out to assemble the Tubby Table, there were quite a few parts so when he called out to say it was ready less then 5 minutes later I was quite impressed! Miss A was beyond ready at this point so we headed straight to the tub; following the included directions we tried to get the suction cup to stick to the dry tub with no success, we even attempted to wet the suction cup and the tub to no avail. Both of the bath tubs in our house have a slip-resistant surface built into them, sadly the Tubby Table suction cup just won’t stick to it. We decided there was no way we could give up seeing how excited Miss A was! We took another route by setting up the normal thick rubber mat to our tub (which has lots of small suctions cups on the bottom to stick to the tub), and placing the Tubby Table on top of the mat. Cristian and I were both very skeptical of how the Tubby Table would work and were pleasantly surprised that it set perfect on our mat and even stayed in place during playtime!

Tubby Table Base

Miss A absolutely loves the Tubby Table! She enjoys sorting and counting the blocks, going over colors and numbers, pouring water with the blocks and using the table surface as a play area for all of her other bath toys! Since having the Tubby Table, she has been excited to get in the tub each day to simply play with the table, making bath time easy and enjoyable all around once again! We have since taken the Tubby Table along with us while Miss A had a play date with her great-grandparents and tried it in their tub and it worked perfect (their tub surface is completely flat), I was actually shocked to feel how powerful the suction was, the table did not move at all!

Bathtime Fun with Tubby Table

Overall, we are very pleased with the Tubby Table! It is very sturdy, extremely easy to clean and provides endless amounts of fun for Miss A! I can’t wait until Bubba is older so they can play with it together! For us, it truly has kept the water in the tub during bath time, Miss A is so occupied with the table and has not been playing with her toys on the side of the tub! There is also a small mat included, which Miss A has been having fun sticking to the sides of the tub since we have been unable to use it on the floor. Of course, I wish the Tubby Table would stick to our actual tubs surface, but I am happy that we have an alternative that works wonderfully for us!

The Tubby Table sells on the website ( for $39.99 including shipping, and on Amazon for $29.99 + $10.00 shipping.  If you shop from the Tubby Table site, you can save 10% on the Tubby Table with the exclusive discount code: baldchick10.  Code is valid for two weeks only, so it expires on 04/13/14.

Learn more and follow Tubby Table Socially on the following:


The Tubby Table would make a great gift for a child’s birthday or other special holiday.  Wouldn’t your little one love the Tubby Table?


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  1. Melissa Bowers says:

    That looks like fun! We had a toy once that was supposed to go fit over the sides of the tub, but it never stayed there. It’s good to know that this one stays in place! We have those same alphabet letters perpetually in our tub. 🙂