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Banana Mango Sorbet #Vegan

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been having some digestive issues and have had eliminated dairy and grains from my diet in effort to determine the culprit.  Last night, I had an overwhelming craving for ice cream.  I finally gave in and ate about a half cup of ice cream on a cone.

Big. Mistake.

I am still sick.

I don’t know if it’s the sugar or the lactose, but one of them has my intestines in knots.

Trouble is, I like ice cream and frozen treats.

So, I decided to try to make my own.  A friend told me (on Facebook) that she uses bananas to make “ice cream” by freezing them and them putting them through the food processor.  I can do that.  I have quite a few bananas in the freezer, since my kids were eating a banana a day, and then suddenly decided to boycott bananas.

I thought I’d start with a banana mango mix, since I had both on hand.

Banana Mango Sorbet

Note to self… slice bananas before freezing them in the future, it’s easier on the food processor!

Banana Mango Sorbet Vegan

Banana Mango Sorbet Vegan

This banana mango sorbet with almond milk is easy to make and delicious.


  • 4 frozen bananas (in chunks or slices)
  • 2 cups frozen mango chunks
  • 1 1/2 cups almond milk (I used vanilla)


  • Combine frozen bananas, frozen mango, and one cup almond milk in food processor and process for about two minutes and turn off.
  • Using spoon, or spatula, push fruit chunks into the mixture now forming.
  • Add remaining half cup almond milk.
  • Process another two to five minutes, until desired consistency.
  • Serve immediately or place in freezer safe container.

Simple (and easy) to make, and it is beyond delicious!

Do you have a favorite sorbet recipe?

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  1. This looks awesome! I can’t do dairy right now but have also been wanting ice cream! I am pinning it! 🙂

  2. Oh yummy! I’ve never had banana this way. Looks just delicious!

  3. Sounds interesting. One of these days I’m going to have to break down and buy a food processor. I keep finding interesting looking recipes that need it.

    Have you tried frozen yogurt? Not sure if that would be better or worse for you than ice cream, but a mouthful or two might be worth a try.

  4. Ooh, I’ve tried the frozen banana ice cream but wasn’t a fan of the taste. What an excellent idea to add mango! Pinning!

  5. This looks so healthy and delicious. I should prepare this desert for the weekend family gathering.

  6. Yummy! I have a new fondness for mango sorbet. I had a mango sorbet a few weeks ago from the Whole Fruit brand, but it will be amazing to try this recipe at home. Homemade always tastes better, anyway. 🙂 Thanks for the recipe!

  7. Robin Quick says:

    Oh that looks soooo good! Im lactose intolerant so this will be a great snack for me! Frozen bananas, who know?! Love it!

  8. Love love love vegan recipes! We have a yonanas machine that would make this even easier! I’m allergic to mangoes, but hubs LOVES them.

  9. Hubbs made banana “ice cream” with frozen banana slices and a little peanut butter… so yummy!!

  10. YUM! Banana plus mango = good!

  11. Rachel says:

    I need to make smoothies more often! yum!

  12. Debby Chandler says:

    this sounds wonderful and easy, I’ll surprise my family, thanks!

  13. Liz Neal says:

    That looks really yummy. Great time of year to have something like this.

  14. This looks so delicious. & It’s perfect for summer. This could totally work with a paleo diet, too! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  15. Looks delicious! Thank you for the recipe

  16. That looks so good! I love mangos and wouldn’t have thought of freezing them for a recipe!

  17. I never knew you could use bananas to make and icecream like dessert this looks amazing.. saying I love icecream is an understatement but it messes with my stomach so I don’t eat as much as I would like… Thank You I am bookmarking this post.. for when I have bananas I can do this..

  18. looks like a very delish treat that’s easy on the belly!!

  19. This recipe is so simple and easy to make and it looks so delicious. I always love mango, banana and milk combination and during mango season this is a regular combination for me. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  20. I had to laugh at your boycott comment. My kids do that all the time. Ask for something and then not eat it. I do have a question. If you freeze it afterwards how hard is it to scoop later?

  21. Looks yummy and boy does it seem simple to make! I will definitely pin this for later, love mango! 🙂

  22. That looks really good. My daughter would love this. 🙂