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Baby Led Weaning with Tommy Tippee

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Baby led weaning is a great way for infants to develop confidence and independence in a way that allows them to grow and naturally develop habits for a self-sufficient lifestyle. As babies continue to perfect their autonomy, parents should consider investing in certain products that not only facilitate self-discovery, but make the cleaning process convenient and effortless on behalf of the parents.  Tommee Tippee has a line of products, the Explora line,  that are worth having around if you choose a baby led weaning model!

tommee tippee explora

The Tommee Tippee Explora Roll & Go Bibs are not only incredibly efficient at catching any of the food particles that do not successfully make it into your baby’s mouth, but they are flexible and easy to clean. Tradition fabric bibs must be washed and dried, but the roll & go bibs can simply be wiped with a damp cloth.  For parents on the go, Tommee Tippee also manufactures disposable bibs that include a built in crumb catcher! With a very similar design to the Roll & Go bib, parents can maintain their easy cleaning practices anywhere.

Speaking of traveling, the Easy Scoop Bowls with a built in spoon are incredibly convenient for self-feeding babies on the go.

Tommee Tippee also makes a spill proof, training, sipper cup with molded handles that are perfectly designed for an infant’s small hands.  Careful, though, the handles make them more aerodynamic when launched by little hands.  Duck!

When babies start to feed themselves, messes are inevitable. Isolate the majority of the mess to the easy-to-clean Explora mat that not only efficiently holds bowls and plates with a suction mechanism, but provides a slip-proof contact with the table’s surface.

Especially as babies become more comfortable with eating table food, consider investing in a set of Explora Soft Tip Infant  Spoons.  Baby’s love to play with them, and use them as teethers, even when they don’t manage to get the food from the tray to the mouth with them.  LOL.

baby led weaning with tommee tippee

Explora Pop-Up Weaning Pots are very useful for self-sufficient snacking. Their small design and easy to grip shape are perfect for your baby’s small hands. This product fosters fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Parents might also keep an eye out for one of the many different spill-proof snack containers that feature a flexible, slotted lid for easy access and mess prevention.

Another must-have, baby led weaning product that is incredibly convenient is the mesh feeder that allows parents to feed their baby fresh, soft foods. The mesh netting securely prevents babies from getting bites that are too large and otherwise a severe choking hazard.  We used the mesh feeder when Little Miss first started solids.  She really loved eating her bananas with it.

Parents who are approaching that infant stage of independence should certainly invest in products that make this transition easy and convenient. Don’t forget, stock up on plenty of paper towels!

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. The design on these is so fun and colorful! They look really sturdy and perfect for little ones to get to grips with.