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B90 Days Day 16 SOAP

Today’s reading is from Joshua 1:1-14:15.  I got up early this morning with a song in my heart and in my head.  When I headed into the kitchen, my husband was surprised to see me up already.  Because I got up early, I was able to actually finish my reading BEFORE the kids got up.  How nice that was!  To be able to read fourteen chapters without interruption… a rare luxury indeed.  Perhaps I should get up early more frequently.  Of course, it took me another 8 hours to finish this post, because the kiddos literally got up as I was finishing the last verse.

Several things stood out to me in this reading…

First, in Joshua 1, we read that the LORD told Joshua that no one would be able to stand against him.  The LORD promised to be with Joshua forever, that He would never leave him or forsake him.  If you read further, though, you will see that something is required of Joshua, and of us, for this constant companionship of the LORD. Verse 8 tells us to meditate day and night on the word, so that we may be careful to do everything written in it.

Second, in Joshua 3, we read about the parting of the Jordan.  Just as with the parting of the Red Sea, the LORD made a way for his children.  Of note is the fact that the waters did not part until the priests set foot in the Jordan.

Joshua 3:13– And as soon as the priests who carry the ark of the LORD —the Lord of all the earth—set foot in the Jordan, its waters flowing downstream will be cut off and stand in a heap.

Imagine with me for a moment… the river is at flood stage.  And the priests walked right in.  Because the were faithful and obedient, the waters piled up.  But not until their feet hit the water.  Imagine what would have happened if they stopped short of the water’s edge.  The water would have remained at flood stage, and they would have completely missed out on the promise of the LORD .   I am sure that someone in that entourage had to have had some second thoughts about stepping into a flooded river.  I know I would have.  There are times in our lives when the Lord may ask us to do something that makes absolutely no sense to us… like walking straight into a flooded river… the question is, will we be obedient enough to take the steps He has commanded?

Joshua 3:18… No sooner had they set their feet on the dry ground than the waters of the Jordan returned to their place and ran at flood stage as before

I could write so much more about the things that stood out to me in these chapters… but for the sake of space, let me SOAP with the verse that REALLY hit me…



Joshua 9:14 The men of Israel sampled their provisions but did not inquire of the LORD. (emphasis mine)


Joshua 9 tells us how the Gibeonite’s set out to deceive the Israelites and the Israelites FELL FOR IT.  Why?  Because they believed what the perceived physically with their senses… their eyes, their hands.  Had they sought the LORD , surely He would have revealed spiritually what their physical eyes could not see.


How easily are we deceived when we do not seek the LORD.  How many times have I made a decision about something, based on my physical perceptions?  And how many times have I realized, albeit too late, that I had made the wrong decision?  This serves as an excellent reminder to bring all things before the LORD before making decision.  Chances are, if it is important to us, it is important to Him, because He cares about us.  John 8:44 tells us that the devil is the father of all lies and Revelation 12:9 tells us that Satan is the deceiver.  How much more important is it, then, that we inquire of the LORD ?


Lord, help me to inquire of you when faced with decisions.  Help me to submit my will to yours and not rely solely on what I perceive.  Help me to avoid being deceived by the enemy.   Whether large or small, you know all of my cares.

How about you?  Do you get up early to read and do your devotions?  Do you inquire of the LORD before you make decisions?

Be blessed,


Lady V dZine

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  1. So true, thank you for the insight!

  2. That verse struck me, too.

    I am so glad you are keeping up with your reading and yes, I can relate to trying to get the SOAP post up when the little ones are awake….

    Keep up the reading! 🙂