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As the mold grows- Capri Sun Update

I am continuing to follow the updates on the moldy Capri Sun pouch, and thought this Facebook post was worthy of sharing…

In response to this question…

…could Kraft be a little more specific and tell us what kind of mold it is?????

Anne-marie Kampert

Hi Cleo – Many of you have been asking so we’ve been talking with our microbiologists to answer your questions. Here’s what we learned. In the interest of getting an immediate second opinion, we asked the lab for an analysis. They confirmed it was mold. Identifying the particular type takes several weeks so we do not have that information yet. Scientific analysis of mold takes longer than many of us would like.
Mold that forms on food and beverages is usually a common mold. It’s generally much like common bread mold, though it may look different depending on where it forms. And yes, it can be ugly, gross and totally unappealing. It would be great if foods stayed fresh forever. But the basic laws of science and nature dictate that most foods eventually spoil and get moldy.

So the gross part of me just can’t resist looking at the photos posted by Melissa Wiegand Brown.


Visit MandiMindingMoney’s post that includes comments from Melissa.

I will update if I read anything new and of substance… the Kraft Facebook page is cluttered with people calling for a boycott, etc, etc.

Be blessed,


Lady V dZine

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  1. I can’t even look at that! Ewwww!!!
    .-= Karen of 3G2S´s last blog ..My Photos (W/E 6-12-10) =-.

  2. I’ve been following the saga too, and gross as it is, I think Kraft is handling it really well.
    .-= Angela @ Nine More Months´s last blog ..Give-it-away Saturday! #5 =-.

  3. Okay, so I’m reading more into it and now I’m not so sure Kraft is handling it well at all. Hmm.

    I don’t buy a lot of processed foods (or drinks) so I guess I’m glad about that. Heh.
    .-= Angela @ Nine More Months´s last blog ..Give-it-away Saturday! #5 =-.

  4. It’s so gross! I just am waiting to see what Melissa’s lab results say!
    .-= Bobbie´s last blog ..Wrinkle Away! =-.

  5. mom with integrity says:

    This whole thing is just silly. I made a friend request to this person “Cranky Onamission” so that I could follow the story. Her page on FB has a disclaimer which states that she isn’t interested in arguing, demoralizing or insulting, warning that if you do not adhere to this, you will be blocked. This is perfectly fine with me. I have no issue with this, I am a mom with a small child and was interested to see how the whole case turned out. i shared my opinion that the substance was obviously mold, explaining that these things happen. I responded to questions people specifically asked me, adding that this was a matter of basic biology. I went back to check the progress, only to discover that I have been now been blocked! Sooooo… is my estimation that this woman is probably of less-than-average intelligence and thought she could get some publicity and possibly money out of this whole thing. Apparently the publicity part is working for her, and her need for acceptance from her peers has been fulfilled as there are numerous people typing “team Melissa” while name-calling and using profanity to argue with those who aren’t praising her as some kind of freedom fighter.
    Way to go, Melissa! I hope all of the attention and accolades you are receiving are worth looking like a complete moron.

  6. Oh, I hadn’t seen any updates since the first story (when it was declared an eyeball) – makes more sense that it’s mold…

    stopping by from SITS 🙂
    .-= Momma Drama´s last blog ..Corn on the Cob Anyone? =-.