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and the winner is WordPress plug-in

One of the benefits of my recent *unexpected* server upgrade is that I can now use the “and the winner is…” WordPress plugin!

I’ve wanted to use the plug-in ever since I read about it back in July.

I immediately downloaded the plug-in and tried MULTIPLE times to install it, however, I kept getting errors.  I finally went to the WordPress forum and posted about it.  The plugin author responded to let me know that the plug in would not work on my site, as my site was hosted on a PHP4 server, and the plug-in requires PHP5.

I was bummed, but what could I do?

Well, now that my server has been upgraded, I can use it!  Woot!

With and the winner is installed, I now have this little widget that I can check on each post.


Then, when it is time to select a winner for a contest, I simply click the and the winner is tab in my admin page.


It will pull up a list of my current contests…


I simply click on the Close Comments link…


Which gives me the and the winner is button….


Then it gives me the winning comment with the option to confirm or reject the winner.


Since most of my contests have bonus entry options after the mandatory entry method, I have to go check to make sure the mandatory entry was completed before I confirm a winner.  If the mandatory entry has been completed, I confirm it.  If not…

And if I accidentally (shrugging sheepishly) close comments before I should, I simply click the Re-open comments link.


Can I just say how much simpler this is?

As I can now use and the winner is… I will no longer be using to select winners, unless a contest sponsor specifically requires it.

Now, off to select the winners from the contests that ended yesterday!

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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