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An ELPH Picked My Pocket

An ELPH picked my pocket!  Right after another ELPH swan dived from it.

When we went to the charity golf tournament, to benefit the NFED, I had my Canon ELPH in my back pocket.  HA HA.  I had an ELPH in my pocket.  At some point, I sat down and the camera swan dived out of my back pocket and crashed to the ground.  Mind you, this was not the first time I had dropped it.  Nay.  I am a klutz like that.

This particular swan dive, however, was less than graceful and the ELPH protested such abuse.  Loudly.  He started making this funky clicky whirry noise anytime I turned it on.  He still took pictures, and I was able to get some great photos at the golf course!  Did you see my Growth by the Golf Flag, my Future Pro Golfer, or my A Good Daddy post?  The golf photos (for this year) were taken after the swan dive!   However, I was petrified that he was going to suddenly clam up and stop working the instant before a great photo op presented itself, and rather than being able to forever immortalize the image, I would forever lament the death of my camera at precisely the WRONG moment.

The thought of not having a functioning camera to capture all of life’s moments nearly had me in a panic.  That would be like life without coffee… unthinkable!

SO, I had to buy a new point and shoot.

This is the Canon ELPH SD940 IS that took the swan dive.  He was so faithful, until that last swan dive.

Canon ELPH SD940 IS

This is the Canon ELPH 110 HS that picked my pocket.

Canon ELPH 110HS

I’ve been wanting to get a new camera for a while now.  By new camera, I mean a new DSLR.  I have an old Canon Rebel.  By old, I mean 6 megapixels.  Prehistoric, right?  We bought it before we got married, and then had my brother (who has photography experience) shoot our wedding with it.  It was a lot cheaper than paying a professional photographer, and we got to KEEP the camera.  SCORE.

As I said, my DSRL is old.  I’ve been saving and hem hawing about getting a new one.  I couldn’t decide between getting another Canon DSLR or getting a Nikon DSLR.  I’ve read a ton of reviews, and just couldn’t make up my mind.

The purchase of a new DSLR is being put off even further now, since this ELPH stole my cash!  Perhaps a different ELF will bring me a DSLR for Christmas if I stay on the nice list.

What are you shooting with?

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  1. That’s the kind of thing I fear happening with my phone. It’s a hand me down iphone 3GS, and it’s a pain sometimes, but I would be upset if it gave out on me. I seem to drop it a lot. As in, I jog with it and it goes flying 10ft from where I am and somehow it has managed to survive, thankfully. But, I’m hoping it still has a lot of life in it!

    I’m actually in the process of learning how to use my Nikon DSLR. I’m such a beginner, but I went almost two years without taking pictures (unless it was with my iphone) until I saved up enough for it, because I knew I wanted to finally put time into a hobby I put aside for so long.

  2. When my Canon DSLR was stolen from a hotel, I decided not to get one of the hybrid type cameras from Canon that looks like a DSLR and functions like one (on automatic) without having to change lenses. I’m not as happy with it as I was with my big camera.

  3. Sorry to hear about your other camera. 🙁 I love the color of your new one though!
    I’m shooting with a Nikon D5000, and it’s been great!

  4. Whitney says:

    I can relate to this! I need a new camera as we still have the Cannon Rebel but I will have to wait awhile for one! I love the color of your new camera super cute!! 🙂